Nicole Is Seriously Bringing The Heat From Miami To This Season Of 'The Bachelor'


As Season 23 of The Bachelor heats up, there's one contestant who's making it even hotter as a real contender for Colton's love. Nicole on The Bachelor has caught fans' eyes, and possibly Colton's as well. Twenty-five-year-old Nicole Lopez-Alvar introduced herself to Colton on the first night in the mansion by speaking Spanish, saying "half of my heart is in Havana." She later clarified that she's not actually from Havana, but instead from Miami, Florida. Her family is from Havana, though, and according to her ABC bio, those roots are extremely important to her. No wonder she wanted to lead with her Cuban heritage when she met Colton.

Nicole's ABC bio also says she loves singing a cappella, which makes sense she said in a promo video that her hidden talent is imitating singers like Beyoncé and Ariana Grande. We haven't gotten the chance to see Nicole break out this special skill yet, but maybe some kind of karaoke night is in the near future this season. Nicole did say that she was happy Colton go to see the fun, outgoing side of her during the storytelling performances in the second episode, so hopefully she'll get to perform more.

Nicole's funny side definitely comes out in all of her social media, which makes sense since she is a professional at it. She's a social media coordinator, and according to her Instagram bio she's also a "caption queen." The title is appropriate, since Nicole's Instagram is truly hilarious.

That last caption about how Nicole always smiles at food is actually barely a joke. Nicole's Instagram proves that she's a real foodie since it's filled with shots of fun meals she's had all over the world. I would honestly love to see her start a food blog if the whole Bachelor thing doesn't work out.

Nicole apparently won't be all smiles this season, though. According to Chris Harrison, she isn't afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, and she might even have Bachelor alum and notorious crier Ashley I. beat. Audiences haven't seen Nicole break down in tears yet, but it sounds like there might be some heartbreak ahead for her.

Perhaps those tears come when she and Colton butt heads over their interests. Nicole posted on her Instagram that she is not a football fan, even making a joke about running away when a crush says that they love football. That might pose a problem for Nicole's prospects with Colton, since he's a former NFL player.

Nicole does seem to be a fan of her alma mater University of Miami's football team, so hopefully she can learn to love football for Colton the same way she learned to love it for her school.

With Nicole's fabulous sense of humor and and fun-loving attitude, she seems like one to beat for Colton's heart. At the very least, she's probably earned a bunch of new Instagram followers thanks to her hysterical captions.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.