If you're going to keep up with the clubhouse, get to know Mariana Morais with these fast facts abou...

Mariana Morais Was In Another Content Collective Before She Joined Clubhouse


After Daisy Keech's fallout with Chase Hudson (aka, Lil Huddy) and Thomas Petrou in March, she left the Hype House to found her own content collective known as clubhouse. Keech's new family doesn't have as many members as Hype House just yet, but it seems like it'll get there in no time, especially with the announcement that Mariana Morais is joining the crew. But who is Mariana Morais? Since you'll be seeing a lot of her in clubhouse's future videos, I suggest you become familiar with her solo work first.

In a house tour uploaded to her personal channel on March 30, Keech announced she launched clubhouse with her co-founder and best friend, Abby Rao, and revealed Chase Keith and Kinsey Wolanski were also members. Although fans saw other TikTokers chilling at the clubhouse mansion in her video, they weren't sure whether they were also members or not. Now that Keech has settled in to the clubhouse, she's welcomed Morais as one of its newest members.

A lot of eyes are on Morais now for landing a highly-coveted spot in clubhouse, but even before she joined the collective, she was already a well-established influencer. If you're going to keep up with clubhouse, get to know Morais with these four fast facts about her.

1. Morais was already a huge internet star on her own.

Whatever social media platform she's on, Morais always gains a huge following. As of April 2020, Morais has nearly 280K followers on TikTok (@maarebeaar) and 640K followes on IG (@maarebeaar).

Most recently, Morais joined YouTube, where she currently has 4.5K subscribers. Morais' new status as a clubhouse member will likely make her social media presence skyrocket even more.

2. She used to be part of the LA Click House.

A few weeks before Morais became a member of clubhouse, she revealed she was part of the LA Click House. "We have a content house. We're all creators and we're just trying to be here and make content for you guys and grow as people and uplift each other," Morais said in her Click House tour video.

It seems there were no hard feelings about the collective splitting up, as former members Leslie Golden, Jay Laurent, and Morais actually joined clubhouse together.

3. She's a fitness enthusiast.

Morais describes herself as a "@celsiusofficial athlete" in her IG bio. If you scroll down Morais Instagram, you'll see plenty of pictures and videos of her working out paired with captions offering tips for fans who are interested in following her routines. Morais also has a separate IG (@beaar_body) dedicated solely for fitness and health content.

In case fans want to see more of her fitness content, Morais has longer clips available on both her IGTV and YouTube channel, where fans can also find Morais giving advice on how to prepare healthy meals to go along with their workouts.

4. She's dating clubhouse member Pedro Pertile.

Pertile isn't as well known online as his girlfriend, but he's definitely on his way there, especially being a fellow clubhouse member. According to his IG, Pertile frequents the gym often, so it's likely Morais and Pertile bonded over their passion for fitness, as well as being influencers.

Now that you know a little bit about Morais, you can look forward to her collaborations with the other clubhouse members in the future.