Here's Why Fans Are Convinced Madison's Doctor Will Have A Big Role On 'This Is Us'

by Ani Bundel

At this point, fans are aware of how This Is Us works. When a new character is introduced, the show will normally go at it in a roundabout manner. These elliptical introductions worked for the series premiere and again in the first Season 4 episode back in September. Now a new character has entered the picture in the same manner as viewers go and see a man about a horse. It turns out he's the OB-GYN who will be helping Madison through her pregnancy. But who is Madison's doctor on This Is Us, and why is he important? Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

The Season 4 finale is called "Strangers, Part 2," and it certainly tries to live up to that. Fans meet two strangers in this episode. One is Izzy, who works in a museum. The other is a man whose name viewers will learn later is Dr. Mason, out at his paddock with a brand new horse. He's having trouble taming his new ride, as the horse rears and complains. Other trainers laugh at him, saying he paid too much for the horse, which he got for free.

But Dr. Mason has a secret weapon: his daughter Sadie. Within a few minutes, she's already calmed the creature down and has it obediently running in circles. Mason is impressed, and leaves her to her calling, while he heads off to his own.


Dr. Mason is Madison's OB-GYN, and he's the one who encourages her to tell Kevin she's pregnant, and not to write him off before at least making an effort. It's a short scene, and the whole "horse" introduction seems a bit excessive to introduce such a minor character.

But will Dr. Mason be so minor? In his speech to Rebecca and Jack on the triplet's first birthday, Dr. K reminds them that hospitals and doctors' offices are strange places. They're large anonymous buildings where people have some of their most significant emotional moments, birth and death, often in the presence of people who they barely know. Doctors and nurses can seem super important parts of their lives for a short period of time as they experience these moments. Then the families go back to their lives, forgetting all about them, until the next big moment.

It seems like Dr. Mason is about to become that person for Kevin and Madison, as they navigate what fans already know is going to be a difficult pregnancy. But the good news is, as fans have already seen the twins as teenagers, he'll be there to guide them through it successfully.