4 Things To Know About Mad Max, The Newest Character On 'Stranger Things'


What's that we smell? Oh, it's just the aroma of frozen Eggos, crisp fall air, and... fear. The second season of Stranger Things is so close that we are practically getting phantom scents over here and we have our finger glued to our remote just waiting to hit play on Netflix. While there have been a lot of hints about what we can expect (are you alright, Will?!), there are still some — OK, probably, like, a zillion — mysteries that have yet to be uncovered. Plus, there are new characters. Who is Mad Max on Stranger Things Season 2? We're so ready to meet the new girl in town.

We know that the upcoming episodes of the hit streaming show will introduce a few not-so-familiar faces. Sean Astin AKA "Rudy" AKA Mikey from The Goonies will be playing RadioShack manager/Joyce love interest, Bob. Paul Reiser is playing a Department of Energy doctor. And Sadie Sink is playing Max, a girl who appears to be getting buddy-buddy with the young and adventurous gang we already know. The first episode of the season, "Madmax," is apparently titled in her honor. How will she play into the series? Here's what you should probably know. Time to get prepared, people.

She's "Tough and Confident"
sadiesink_ on Instagram

According to the casting call for Max, the role is described as a "tough and confident 13-year-old female," so says The Hollywood Reporter. "She has a complicated history and is generally suspicious of those around her," EW reported. Sadie Sink revealed in an interview with them that her character moves from California to Hawkins and she told Access Hollywood: “She’s a tomboy and super cool, super tough.” Oh, and Sadie has also explained that "you'll never see her in a dress."

Her Brother Is a So-Called "Bad Guy"
Dacre Montgomery on Twitter

Yes, Australian actor Dacre Montgomery will also play newbie to the series. He portrays Billy, Max's stepbrother, and their relationship will not be without complications. Perhaps that's because he's been described as a "bad guy" who's going to stir up trouble. "You'll have to watch out for him," Sadie Sink has revealed. "It was important to us to have a human villain in there that could disrupt the lives of our characters," Ross Duffer said of the character. "And Billy, really, he disrupts the world the teenagers and stuff." Director Shawn Levy also said that Billy "treats his younger sister in a mean, controlling, bully-ish, domineering fashion." How rude!

She's Played By Actress Sadie Sink

You might recognize the 15-year-old actress from her work on the TV series, American Odyssey. She also played the young version of Lori (Sarah Snook) in The Glass Castle. Sadie also appeared in the iconic red-headed role of Annie on Broadway. She played Young Elizabeth in The Audience, which starred Helen Mirren. So, she has some pretty impressive acting chops under her belt already and she's pals with an actual Dame. “We’re different in some ways, but then also similar,” Sadie has said of why she enjoyed playing Max.

"Romantic Interest"

Entertainment Weekly has said that "Max becomes pals with the boys and attracts romantic interest from Lucas and Dustin." Interesting... We wonder how that will affect the tight-knit group's dynamic amidst all the crazy things that are sure to go on.

The second season of Stranger Things is bound to keep things very interesting, especially if there are fresh faces in the mix. According to the trailers, Max is heavily involved in all the action (there she is rolling barrels with the boys and there she is again looking petrified!), but we're guessing she can handle what comes her way. We can't wait to see what's in store for her and the rest of the characters when Stranger Things returns on Oct. 27.