Here's Why You Might Not Remember Jane From 'Bachelor In Paradise'

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor in Paradise is great for offering Bachelor Nation a chance to catch up with some of their favorite contestants from recent Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons. Of course, it's also a time for fans to get re-introduced to people they may not remember at all. That's the case for a lot of fans who are tuning in to this season of Bachelor in Paradise and seeing Jane... and having trouble remembering her. Who is Jane on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6? She didn't last very long on The Bachelor, so a lot of fans need a refresher.

Jane joined this season on Bachelor in Paradise after her attempt at a relationship with Colton fell flat. She didn't make it far during his season of The Bachelor, since she didn't get a rose during the very first Rose Ceremony. But even though things didn't work out with Colton, Jane isn't discouraged from finding her person.

Fans might be having an especially hard time remembering Jane from Colton's season because she went by a different name during her one and only night at the Bachelor Mansion. While on The Bachelor, Jane went by her full name, "Adrianne." But now that she's spending summer in Paradise, she's going by her fun and flirty nickname.

Jane already made an impression on audiences during the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise by showing off her passion for hot sauce, exclaiming she loves to drench her food in the spicy stuff, and has even brushed her teeth with it. Hopefully that's not a regular occurrence, but it definitely got the point across that Jane has a spicy side. She even mentions in her ABC bio that she loves tacos and Tapatio.

Jane's bio also says she's "a free spirit with infectious energy." She works as a social worker in Los Angeles and is really close to her mom, which she shows in lots of posts on her Instagram. Jane is also close to her grandmother, who taught her how to speak Russian.

Jane's Instagram also shows fans she loves dogs, traveling, and Harry Potter. She especially loves her dog Bella, who she adopted in 2016. She even introduced herself to Colton during her first night at the Bachelor Mansion by presenting him with a photoshopped picture of Bella with Colton's dog Sniper. That wasn't enough to win Colton over, but hopefully Jane will meet someone else who loves Bella as much as she does.

During her first day on Bachelor in Paradise, Jane was ready to find the guy for her. Since the men were the ones to pass out the roses during the first week, she said she was feeling the pressure to find someone. Fans still didn't get to see a lot of Jane during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere, but hopefully this isn't the last Bachelor Nation sees of the hot sauce-swigging romantic.

The two-part premiere of Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues Tuesday, August 6, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.