Here's Everything The Golden Globes Audience Should Know About Isan Elba

John Sciulli/Getty Images

Idris is not the only Elba who will be taking the Golden Globes by storm this year. Isan Elba, Idris' daughter, will serve as the Golden Globes Ambassador for the 2019 awards show. So who is Isan Elba? Here's everything you need to know about Idris Elba's daughter.

Ahead of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 6, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that Isan Elba would help hand out the trophies as the Golden Globes Ambassador. Isan is Idris' 16-year-old daughter from his first marriage to businesswoman Kim Nørgaard. A couple of days before the event, Isan told Variety that she was not feeling nervous at all about her role at the Golden Globes, having been raised in the spotlight herself. But despite her coolness, she did admit that she would probably freak out if she got to meet Lady Gaga on the big night:

I’ve been a Gaga fan since I was a little girl. So 12-year-old me is going to scream. She’s an inspiration. I would be like, “Gaga, I don’t want to waste your time, but thank you so much for being an inspiration for me and being yourself.” Because she’s ahead of her time. People are now embracing their weirdness that people are talking about and now it’s coming out of everybody and it’s more in the norm to do that and she did that, and I think that’s so amazing.

As the Golden Globes Ambassador, Isan also got the opportunity to select a charity to represent at the show. She chose the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, which raises awareness about mental health issues in the African-American community. Elba stated that the issue of mental health, particularly within the the African-American community, hits close to home from her, since her mother suffers from mental illness herself, so she's happy to be bringing more attention to the cause.

Isan's role at the Golden Globes will be to help hand out the trophies to the presenters and winners. Although her father Idris is actually not nominated for any awards this year, Isan will get to share the stage with him since he will be a presenter. Talk about some unique father-daughter bonding!

Isan can also look forward to another exciting event in the next few months as well: Coachella Music Festival recently revealed that Idris will be performing at the iconic desert concert series this summer. Although most fans know him best as an actor, Idris has actually been a respected DJ for just about as long as he has been an actor. During a red carpet interview with E!, Isan talked about how excited she was to take a trip out to the desert this summer to see him perform at Coachella for the first time.

But before she gets to see her dad rock out at Coachella, Isan will get to come face-to-face with the world's biggest stars at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. No pressure! Here's hoping she gets to meet Gaga.