Guy Tang From 'Bling Empire's Husband Has A V Impressive Job


Though Guy Tang wasn't featured nearly as much as he should have been on Season 1 of Bling Empire, he still managed to become one of the most memorable cast members (and no, not just because of the penis pump debacle at Anna Shay's house). The celebrity hair colorist and up-and-coming musician is a staple in the L.A. social scene, and he often attended the splashy parties on the series with his husband by his side. But who exactly is Guy Tang from Bling Empire's husband? Almar Guevarra keeps a pretty low profile, but based on all the love Tang shows him on social media, he's definitely seems like a catch.

According to Tang, Guevarra is a brain cancer research nurse, and in March 2020, Tang praised his hubby for being a frontline worker in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. "My husband is a nurse. Thank you Almar Guevarra for saving lives like the way you saved mine when we first met," he wrote on Facebook alongside the photo of himself and Guevarra. Though it's unclear how they met, the two have been together for well over a decade, and apparently, they initially bonded over their love for an obscure Mariah Carey track.

"I rarely talk about my personal life but we [have] been together for almost 9 years," Tang shared in an October 2018 IG post in reference to Guevarra. "I fell in love with him when we first met because he serenaded a @mariahcarey song to me called 'Circles,' which is an obscure song off her album [The Emancipation of Mimi]. I was like, 'Yup he's the one.'"

And though he works in the medical field, Guevarra apparently shares Tang's passion for haircare. "He knows everything about hair," Tang added in his October 2018 IG caption. "He knows how to formulate, which is funny. I came home to him doing a rainbow color melt on a mannequin, which looked so good and was so cute." It's official: These two were meant to be.

Both the beauty industry and the music industry are known for being demanding, and Tang credits his husband with always keeping him grounded. "This industry can be very tough sometimes, and oftentimes I can get emotional and would break down and cry on his shoulder," Tang shared in a September 2019 IG post. "He always remind me that I am strong and I have super powers to endure any obstacles."

Guevarra's own IG account may be private, but I have a feeling he's just as in love with Tang as Tang seems to be with him. Here's hoping that (if Netflix gives Bling Empire a second season) fans will see a lot more of this power couple.