Trish's New Boyfriend On 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Has Fans Asking Questions


When a new character is introduced in a show like Jessica Jones, you always have to be wary of them... even if they seem really nice and supportive. Season 2 of Netflix's detective-noir superhero series introduced a whole host of new characters into the world of Jessica Jones: one of the most notable being Trish Walker's new boyfriend Griffin Sinclair. So just who is Griffin on Jessica Jones Season 2, and should we really be trusting him? Let's break down everything we know about this new guy.

In terms of the new additions to Jessica Jones in Season 2, Griffin Sinclair actually seems to be the most helpful and sympathetic to Jessica Jones. After all, the other two major new characters are Jones' new superintendent Oscar (J.R. Ramirez), who seems intent on making Jones' life in her apartment complex miserable, and rival private investigator Pryce Cheng, who seems like he will stop at nothing to put Jones' detective agency out of business. Compared to Oscar and Pryce, Griffin is a welcome addition to Team Jessica.

We meet Griffin Sinclair right away when Jessica Jones Season 2 premieres. He is a very well-respected journalist who hosts a cable talk show called Embedded, and then we discover that he is also dating Trish Walker. Griffin and Trish have clearly bonded over their shared passion for journalism, and it really looks like that bond made for a strong romantic connection as well, as he is shown to be very understanding of Trish and Jessica's mission to expose the mysterious organization IGH... even though he is kept out of the loop of much of it. We also get hints that Griffin is no slouch in dangerous situations, since it's mentioned that his background is in covering wars on battlefields around the world. And Jessica even mentions at one point that she investigated Griffin herself when Trish started dating him, and confirmed that he is indeed a good dude.

But, this is Jessica Jones after all... let's not just immediately accept Griffin Sinclair as a good guy because he comes off all nice and supportive in the first couple of episodes. He has a vibe about him that just makes him seem too good to be true, and as we all know, that usually spells trouble. And we already know that Trish has a history of nice-seeming boyfriends that turn out to be kind of a big problem... *cough cough* Will Simpson...

Spoiler alert: The rest of this post will discuss a detail from Episode 4 of Jessica Jones Season 2. Don't read on until you have seen that episode for yourself. After coming off as the perfect boyfriend for the first few episodes, we finally get our first sign that Griffin Sinclair may have some ulterior motives for dating Trish Walker towards the end of the fourth episode. After an open and romantic talk in bed, Griffin slips away to make a phone call to an unknown person, and tells the caller that Trish still has no idea about something. Hmmm, what is he hiding?

The phone call is the first sign that something nefarious could be going on with Griffin, or it could wind up being a total fake-out — he is an ace investigative journalist who has been wanting to help Trish out on getting more info on IGH even though she has been telling him to leave it to her, so maybe he is trying to help her out in secret. Then again, we really don't know much about IGH at all at this point, and that includes who is involved in it. Could Griffin really be working for the other side?

The good news is you can binge away the entire new season to get the answer without waiting! All of Jessica Jones Season 2 is available on Netflix now.