Snooki's Drunk Alter-Ego Returned To 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation'


The Jersey Shore family is built on nicknamed alter-egos. Jenni brings out JWoww when she is feeling confrontational, Ronnie is prone to going on Ronpages, and Mike's The Situation has morphed into The Designation (and The Incarceration). But one alter-ego that many Jersey Shore fans might not know about is Dren, Snooki's name for herself when she gets too drunk. If anyone was wondering who is Dren on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Thursday night's new episode gave fans a full showcase of Snooki's plastered persona.

When Snooki arrived at the new shore house she booked for her cast mates (which we probably can't technically call a shore house since it is miles from the beach), she made her intentions for the trip very clear: get drunk. Thankfully, her spiral squad buddy Ronnie was the second person to arrive, and the two wasted no time in blending up some Ron Ron juice and getting wasted.

The tipsiness continued the next night when everyone (minus Pauly D) had finally arrived and it was time to go out for a family dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant they chose served them up a giant seafood platter, and Snooki apparently does not eat seafood. So, instead of chomping on shrimp, Snooki decides to focus her attention on one vodka soda after another. Of course, this leads to the return of Dren, Snooki's infamous drunken alter-ego who first appeared in Season 1 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

As soon as Snooki begins dropping things and slurring her words at the dinner table, referring to Angelina as a cheeseburger, Vinny is quick to realize Dren has taken over:

Dren has arrived at dinner. I haven't seen Dren make an appearance at dinner in a long time. Now the vacation has begun.

JWoww also greets Dren at the table, which Snooki does not seem to enjoy. Thankfully, there is one dish at the seafood restaurant that Snooki (or I guess I should say Dren) truly loves. Apparently, when Dren comes out, she has an insatiable craving for asparagus of all things. After Snooki orders her veggie craving, she dives right in, picking up a bundle of asparagus with her hands and chomping away.

While Dren was out, she also made fun of Vinny's diet, propositioned JWoww, and dancing around the restaurant to no music. Thankfully, unlike past Jersey Shore blackouts, Dren's cameo at dinner was just a fun, good time for the roommates without any real drama. Check out a clip of Dren's big arrival below:

Jersey Shore fans might not be super familiar with Dren before this latest episode, but she has surfaced before. Last season on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Snooki got home from a long night of drinking and decided the best place for her to pee was in the house's pool. But her defense was that she was not the one to do that, it was her drunk alter-ego Dren. And thus, an alter-ego was born.

Hopefully, we will get to see Dren come out more as this season of Family Vacation continues. Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.