Cheryl Blossom From 'Riverdale' Has A BF IRL & They're Too Cute

by Laura Rizzo

In my opinion, Riverdale is the best new show on TV. I would know. Not to brag, but I binge-watched the entire first season on Netflix in one day. I seriously couldn't stop. The mysterious plot is amazing, but the cast is where the real magic happens. One of my favorite characters who I love to hate is Cheryl Blossom. Her mean girl tendencies mixed with the grief she experiences makes for an interesting combo. While she attempted to date Archie on the show — I had to wonder, "Who is Cheryl Blossom dating in real life?"

As it turns out, the actress behind Cheryl Blossom, Madelaine Petsch, has a cute AF boyfriend whom she adores. Her tatted-up BF is Travis Mills, an LA-based musician who has already been spotted on Petsch's arm during multiple red carpet events.

Although it hasn't been confirmed when the couple first started dating, the oldest pictures of the two together date back to May 2017. The first photo Mills posted of himself and Petsch on Instagram was at the Emmy Awards from May 8. Petsch first posted a photo of the two eating some ice cream on May 30. Digging deeper into Mills Insta (#creepstatus), he's rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood's most elite. He has pictures with Ansel Elgort, Kanye West, and model Winnie Harlow. Weirdly enough, Mills also has a picture looking chummy with Kris Jenner. OKURRR. What kinds of parties is this guy attending?

Recently though, Mills seems much more interested in cozying up with Petsch.

They love showing a little PDA on the red carpet.

Seriously, the cutest.

More Travelaine, please.

Petsch's signature red hair makes her the perfect maple syrup heiress, Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale — I'm seriously so happy she's come into our lives. During a YouTube Q&A, Petsch revealed that she almost ended up being cast as Betty and my brain can't handle it. She said,

I initially auditioned for Legends of Tomorrow, and I then got called in the same day for a producer session for that guest [role]. From there, I came in three days later for producers for Betty.

I can't even imagine.

Petsch did go on to say that she thinks they wanted her for Cheryl the whole time.

I'm pretty sure they always knew they wanted me for Cheryl; then, four months later, I came in for Cheryl!

Playing Cheryl Blossom seems like it would be extremely difficult. Cheryl literally wreaks havoc on the town of Riverdale and all who inhabit it. Watching the video above, Petsch is so giggly and bubbly — nothing like her on-screen alter ego.

She did admit that people often confuse her with Cheryl IRL. She continued,

People really think that I'm Cheryl in real life, and what we have to realize is that when someone's playing a television character, they're not actually that character in real life.

We know you'e not a conniving, rich girl, Madelaine, you just play such a convincing character. Either way, I'm so glad Petsch scored the role of Cheryl. Season 2 of Riverdale looks like it's going to be bonkers.

During an interview with Forbes, Petsch told fans that the new season will hit on a lot of social justice issues. She said, "It's important that we go back to the things we discussed in the last season," she told the magazine. "And that includes a lot of social justice issues." She specifically pointed to Episode 5, saying that "a lot of things happen in that episode that is very normal for people in high school."

CAN'T WAIT. The new season of Riverdale airs on Wednesday, Oct. 11. I'm sure Cheryl Blossom (reminder: not actually Madelaine Petsch) will have some terrifying surprises for us.

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