4 Things To Know About That 'Bachelor' Contestant Who Looks Like Olivia Caridi

ABC/Craig Sjodin

It's about that time, folks. The next season of The Bachelor premieres in only a few short weeks and now that the contestants have ben revealed, speculation is swirling about who could be the frontrunners, villains, and fan favorites for this sure-to-be-dramatic installment. One woman in particular is generating some #BachelorNation buzz, considering she just happens to resemble a former contestant from two seasons ago. Who is Chelsea on The Bachelor? The Olivia Caridi lookalike should probably be on your reality radar.

1. She Works In Real Estate

Chelsea's occupation already gives her something in common with Arie Luyendyk Jr, The Bachelor's leading man for Season 22. Arie's a former race car driver (the promos have made that fact abundantly clear), but he's currently a real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chelsea has some experience in that arena — she lists her profession as Real Estate Executive Assistant on her ABC Bachelor bio page. The 29-year-old calls South Portland, Maine, her home, though it looks like she's fond of a little Parisian romance. "Take this girl to France!," she responded on her bio when asked about the most romantic non-US city. "It's where all the love stories seem to be based in the fairytales I heard as a little girl." Perhaps she'll get her chance? The trailer for the upcoming season shows a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of a sparkling Eiffel Tower. Ooh la la, indeed.

One thing Arie and Chelsea might not have in common? Their approaches to public displays of affection. She admitted that she hates when her date "displays over-the-top PDA." "Let me breathe!" Chelsea wrote in her bio. Uh, oh. We all know by now that Arie's nickname is "the kissing bandit."

2. She's A Single Mom

Chelsea is a mother to an adorable 3-year-old son named Sammy. Her Pinterest-perfect Instagram is full of sweet photos of them together, in addition to picturesque scenes from idyllic New England and some seriously stunning selfies.

Interestingly enough, Chris Harrison picked Chelsea as one of his "top 5 contenders" for Arie's heart in an interview with PEOPLE. The host disclosed that she “goes out of her way to make a first impression on Arie." “He is very taken by her. But he can tell she’s holding back. She has a little bit of a secret. She will reveal it into the show," he said.

3. She Might Cause Drama

"I'm making bold moves. Because being a single mother, I deserve more time than others," Chelsea says in a sneak peek of the upcoming season. "I'm not a b*tch, like, that's the thing. I'm a mother. And I have to tell you guys straight up, I'm pulling Arie aside first," she tells the other women. Aaaaand it's looking like that honestly is not going to go over well.

4. She's A Ringer For A Controversial Contestant Of The Past

Remember Olivia Caridi from Season 20 of The Bachelor?

That's her, above, and she's being compared to Chelsea since the two of them look awfully similar. You may recall that Olivia was somewhat of a polarizing personality on the show. She may have gotten the First Impression Rose from Ben Higgins, but unfortunately, some of the other women (and #BachelorNation) appeared to perceive her as arrogant and pushy. But Caridi has said that the haters made her stronger, and she took it all in stride with humor. Caridi now hosts the "Mouthing Off "podcast on CBSRadio and even made time to hang with some other "misunderstood" contestants of Bachelor fame earlier this year.

We can't say if newcomer Chelsea Roy will follow in the footsteps of her somewhat doppelganger Olivia, but she does seem to be one to watch in Season 22. We'll certainly be tuning into The Bachelor on Jan. 1, 2018 to see what happens.

ABC/Craig Sjodin