Here Are All The Girls Who Left 'The Bachelor' During Week 6

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelor's trip to Thailand led to some sparks, and not just the ones coming from Tayshia and Colton's lit-up lanterns. In Thailand, Heather got her first kiss, and Cassie got to tour a private island. But while those two ladies had fun on their one-on-one dates, Oneyka and Nicole did not have quite as much fun. They began a fight that didn't end with last week's episode and carried over into Week 6, even pushing Colton to cut the cocktail party short. So with that much drama at the Thai resort, who goes home on The Bachelor Week 6? At the beginning of this week's episode, Onyeka and Nicole were sent packing at the rose ceremony. Later in Vietnam, Sydney chose to leave, while Demi was sent home early. And lastly, Katie got the boot at the final rose ceremony.

Onyeka and Nicole dealt with their own tensions back at the hotel. Both women had been pretty quiet when it came to the drama so far this season, so it was surprising to see them duking it out. But, a deleted scene from Week 4 showed that Onyeka and Nicole have clashed before. Apparently, Nicole has been having trouble keeping her emotions in check for a little while, and Onyeka had enough, which all led to their blowout fight.

While in Thailand, Onyeka told Colton that Nicole was not on the show for the right reasons and was only there to find a way out of her hometown of Miami. Even after Nicole talked to Colton to try to straighten things out, Nicole and Onyeka continued fighting during the cocktail party. Their fighting was so loud that it interrupted Colton's time with Katie. Colton is never one to deal with drama between the ladies very well, and so he ran off for some alone time. When he returned, he decided he'd had enough of the teary-eyed fighting, and he sent both Onyeka and Nicole home.

The ladies who left tonight are still sure to be busy with pursuits beyond The Bachelor. Onyeka is an IT risk consultant and according to her Facebook page, she also just passed her CPA exam to be an accountant. Nicole works as a social media coordinator and, perhaps even more importantly, she definitely has a valuable souvenir from her time on the show. She took home the wedding cake topper from Week 3's strength challenge, so at least one couple from this season of The Bachelor has gone home happy (albeit an inanimate couple, but still).

Once everybody moved to the next locale of Vietnam, the drama did not end. Sydney began to feel worried that she and Colton weren't feeling a real, open connection and moving forward, so she decided to take herself out of the competition. Just like how Elyse leaving the show was a wake-up call for Colton, Sydney leaving reminded Colton that he needs to make sure he and his future wife are on the same page emotionally.

Unfortunately for Demi, Colton realized he was not on the same page as she was. Demi snuck to Colton's suite after the cocktail party to let him know how intense her feelings for him had gotten. But, after she told him that she was falling in love with him, Colton said he didn't know if he could see himself with her at the end of the competition. Instead of putting her through a rose ceremony, he said it was time for her to go home.

After so many departures, the ladies went right into the second rose ceremony of the episode (sans another cocktail party) with some especially tense energy. It turned out that everyone was safe except for Katie, who had already expressed her doubts about the strength of her relationship with Colton earlier in the episode. As Katie left, she warned Colton, "Just be smart about those girls," but only time will tell if he heeds that warning.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Feb. 18, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.