Here Are The 2 Girls Who Left 'The Bachelor' Mansion During Week 4


Things are starting to get more and more serious on Season 23 of The Bachelor, as Colton has narrowed down his choices to less than half the ladies we started the season with. In the latest episode, two women had to pack their bags and go home. So, who goes home on The Bachelor Week 4? After an international adventure, Courtney and Tracy were both sent home during the rose ceremony.

This week's episode showed Colton having some really meaningful one-on-one dates with Tayshia and Caelynn. On the other hand, though, Colton was not feeling a connection with Courtney or with Tracy after the group's vacation — so they're out (at least until we hear from them on a Bachelor podcast or on Bachelor in Paradise, of course).

Courtney and Tracy have one big thing in common: They both clashed with Demi during their time in the Bachelor mansion.

In last week's episode, Courtney took Demi to the side privately during the cocktail hour after Demi interrupted Courtney's time with Colton. She explained that Demi should be more aware of how she was coming across to the other women and insinuated that she should act a little more mature.

This week, while in Singapore, Courtney had an even more heated conversation with Demi about her taking up all of Colton's time. She said to Demi, "Sometimes your actions and behaviors solidify your maturity level, and someone with more maturity would put our feelings into consideration."

That talk didn't do Courtney any good, though. She still didn't get any private time with Colton, and Demi got to take home the rose from their group date. Not only that, but Demi told Colton that Courtney is "the cancer of the house." The rest of the ladies didn't totally agree with Demi, but that didn't stop Colton from being influenced by Demi's side of the story.

The only person who clashed with Demi even harder than Courtney did was Tracy. Since Tracy is 31 and Demi is 23, they began clashing over their big age difference right from the start of this season. During one group date, Tracy told Demi that she was too young to know what she wants in a fiancé and Demi said that Tracy kept making "passive-aggressive comments" to her. But, perhaps one of the biggest moments of tension between them came when Tracy saw Demi pick up the rose during a group date in Week 2. Tracy said:

It means a lot, so to even touch it is actually very rude to everyone and to Colton … it’s bizarre that she thought that was okay. I can’t imagine any other girl thinking it was okay to pick up that rose.

And, fans on Twitter had some big reactions to Tracy's reaction:

Tracy was very careful about how she acted around the rose, but as it turns out, all of her concern didn't do her any good in getting a rose this week. Maybe she should have followed Demi's lead and gone after the rose much earlier in the season. At least Courtney and Tracy leaving puts an end to much of the Demi drama... at least for now.

Season 23 of The Bachelor continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Feb. 4, on ABC.