Week 3 of The Bachelor Season 25.

Here Are All The Women Who Left Matt's 'Bachelor' Week 3

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Matt James made it clear from the beginning of his season of The Bachelor that falling in love and finding a deeper connection with someone is super important to him. In Week 2 of The Bachelor, the women literally went to war for his heart, and plenty of drama unfolded in the process. However, the Jan. 11 episode ended before Matt made eliminations. So, the Jan. 18 episode kicked off with a rose ceremony, revealing to fans who goes home on Matt's Bachelor Week 3.

For the most part, Week 2 was business as usual, as Bri Springs received the first one-on-one date of the season. She and Matt got down and dirty, riding ATVs through the nearby woods. Bri also proved she's as "laid-back" as she claims to be in her cast bio, as she and Matt took a spill into the mud, then laughed it off in a hot tub with champagne. They got closer as they bonded about being raised by single moms before capping off the night with a romantic kiss under the fireworks.


The Jan. 11 episode was also dominated by controversy surrounding Queen Victoria, who sought out extra time with Matt and reminded the other women she was not there to make friends.

The conflict between Victoria and the other women intensified when she was included on the season's first group date, a wedding photo shoot with a twist. The contestants were then split into two teams, playing a special Bachelor-themed version of Capture the Flag, obviously called "Capture the Heart." After a competition full of paint and dirt that looked little like The Hunger Games than a group date, Mari took home the "Most Valuable Wife" award.

Then, the second one-on-one date of Episode 2 went to Sarah. After they took a cozy airplane ride together, Sarah opened up to Matt about caring for her father, who has ALS.

However, the drama really peaked during the episode's cocktail hour, when Victoria told Matt that her roommate Marylynn was bullying her. Fans were left on a cliffhanger as the Jan. 11 episode ended with Sarah nearly passing out at the rose ceremony. But soon after the Jan. 18 episode started, Marylynn was sent home. Also eliminated at the rose ceremony were Alana, Illeana, Kristin, and Sydney. In the meantime, Victoria became convinced another woman needed to go home: Sarah.

But Victoria didn't need to do all that much to get Sarah to pack her bags. Throughout the Jan. 18 episode, Sarah became increasingly uneasy about sharing Matt with the other women as her feelings for him grew stronger. By the end of the episode, Sarah decided the pressure was too much, and she self-eliminated. Matt was clearly shaken by her departure, and fans will have to wait and see how it affects him going forward.

Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.