Why did Sarah self-eliminate on 'The Bachelor'

This Dramatic 'Bachelor' Self-Elimination Gave Fans Major Whiplash

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Although women who make good first impressions on The Bachelor often go far in the season, that's not always the case. Case in point: Sarah Trott, who seemed like an early frontrunner in Matt James' season after they bonded during one of the season's first one-on-one dates. However, she ultimately chose to take herself out of the competition during Week 3, leaving many fans shocked. So, why did Sarah leave Matt's Bachelor season? Her self-elimination was the result of both on-screen drama and off-screen family commitments.

From the very beginning, it was clear Sarah was leaving a lot behind back home to vie for Matt's heart. Viewers learned that after working as a broadcast journalist, Sarah moved home to San Diego to care for her father, who has ALS. Sarah's leap of faith in joining Season 25 definitely seemed worth it during the first few episodes, as sparks flew between her and Matt.

But later, the reality of being on The Bachelor got more and more stressful for Sarah. She nearly fainted at the season's second rose ceremony, telling a medic that she was having trouble seeing. The other women clearly weren't happy about the incident, as Victoria shared her assumption that Sarah fainted for attention, and Anna noted Sarah was "getting exactly what she wants" as Matt comforted her outside after her brief health scare.

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The rest of Week 3 was full of drama between Sarah and the other women, who got even more aggravated when Sarah crashed a group date she wasn't on to express her insecurities about Matt dating so many other women.

"It kills me that he's having these special moments with other women," Sarah admitted in a confessional. Later, she alluded to dealing with commitment issues in past relationships.

Still, when Matt pulled her aside to talk things out right before his date with Serena P., the remaining contestants were fully done with Sarah. "Time is a commodity and Sarah is a billionaire," Anna said, with Serena C. adding: "You're a grown a** woman, and you should be strong enough to hold off those feelings until it's your time."

The house conflict clearly got to Sarah, who tearfully said to the camera, "I feel like I have a target on my back now." Being the center of drama when she could be home with her dad clearly wasn't worth it for Sarah, and she ultimately explained to Matt that she felt called to be home with her family.

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Although Matt was clearly hurt by her unexpected departure, he had nothing but well wishes for Sarah. "It doesn't mean I'm going to stop thinking about you and praying for your dad," he told her. "When you're ready, some guy is going to be extremely lucky, and I'm bummed it's not me, but I've learned so much from you already and what it means to sacrifice and do anything for your family and people you love. And I'm going to miss you."

As she left, Sarah explained to cameras that although she knew leaving the show was the right call, it was still the "hardest thing she's ever done."

"He sees my heart, and he knows how important family is to me," she said. "This isn't the best Sarah, and Matt deserves the best. I gave it my all. I just can't do this."

With Sarah's time as a contestant officially over, fans will have to wait to see more of Matt's journey to find love when Season 25 of The Bachelor continues on Monday, Jan. 25, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Reporting by Rachel Varina.