Here's Who Left The Beach During 'Bachelor In Paradise' Week 5


Complete with dramatic reunions, unexpected exits, and shocking returns, Week 5 of Bachelor in Paradise was no picnic. With couples' final decisions about their futures fast approaching, this rose ceremony might have been the toughest one yet. So, who goes home from Bachelor in Paradise Week 5? Derek Peth left the show on his own terms, while Mike Johnson was the only one to not receive a rose during the elimination process.

Since fans adored both of these men, saying goodbye to Derek and Mike wasn't easy for Bachelor Nation. Derek's decision to leave Paradise came after Tayshia Adams chose to pursue John Paul Jones rather than him, claiming it wasn't the "right timing" for them to create a future together. Rather than scramble to make another connection with someone, Derek made a graceful exit. However, getting rejected again, so soon after Demi Burnett broke off their budding relationship, still stung him.

"I always thought I would have found somebody by now,” Derek told cameras. “What I worry about now, as time moves on, is that I’m never gonna find that person.”

Meanwhile, Mike's early connection with Sydney Lotuaco had flickered out by the time Angela Amezcua entered the beach. During Week 5, Angela asked Mike on a date, while Sydney went on a date with new arrival Old Matt Donald. Mike's chance at scoring a rose then weakened when Chase McNary, a contestant from JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, arrived and set his eyes on Angela.

Bachelorette favorite Mike seemingly wasn't bothered by Angela pursuing a new man. When the Paradise veteran was on her date with Chase, he sat down with Clay to talk about the football star's struggles in watching his ex-girlfriend explore new connections. That sure sounds like accepting the inevitable, and before the rose ceremony, the show didn't even display any hints of Mike doubting his chances of staying in Paradise. What gives, ABC?

That lack of uncertainty gradually shifted into Mike showing a nervous side as women began handing out roses. "I'm watching Caelynn, I'm watching Sydney," Mike told cameras, remarking at everyone's love connections. "I'm wondering, where's my wife at?"

As Kristina Schulman gave the last rose to Blake Horstmann, Mike displayed a wide grin, seemingly accepting his fate with his beloved charm. After hugging contestants goodbye, he let his true feelings show, hinting that he was tired of always being the one without love. Bachelor Nation agrees with you, Mike.

"Being a happy-go-lucky person... why can't someone just tell me what to do to be a better man?" he asked while in his exit limo. "I'm in this car by myself... I have to watch everyone else play from the window."

To be fair, it's a typical Mike move to grin and bear it, but it was pretty heartbreaking to watch him to check out of the beach on his own. Here's hoping that love is just around the corner for both him and Derek. Meanwhile, fans will have to wait and see if Caelynn Miller-Keyes accepts Dean Unglert's lingering offer to leave Paradise together.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, Sept. 9, on ABC.