Here Are The Happy Couples Who Got Engaged On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 6


All the telltale signs of summer ending and fall beginning are here. The temperatures are starting to cool down, kids are back in school, and Bachelor in Paradise has come to an end. It was an action-packed summer in Paradise, filled with enough drama that the season probably could have extended all the way into the winter. But all good things must come to an end eventually. And in Bachelor Nation, endings often mean marriage proposals. So who gets engaged on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6? This season brought some really adorable couples together.

The couples of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 got a little sneak peek at their possible futures when they all went to the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. Chris and Krystal got engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 and got married during Season 6, so they represent an example of a success story to everyone else. Besides all the drama between John Paul Jones and Derek Peth during the wedding, the event did seem to mostly inspire feelings of love for all the attendees. In fact, three couples ended this season of Bachelor in Paradise engaged: Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, and Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty all enjoyed proposals in the finale episode.

ABC/John Fleenor

The Season 6 finale started with each of the four remaining couples facing the decision of whether they wanted to take advantage of the fantasy suites at the resort. Each couple sat down for super serious conversations, reflecting on the time they shared while in Mexico.

While Katie and Chris, Hannah and Dylan, and Demi and Kristian all got fully lovey-dovey, Clay and Nicole were the only couple to hit a bit of a hitch. Clay admitted he was not one 100% ready for a proposal, and in the end, Clay decided to decline an evening in the fantasy suite, much to Nicole's confusion and frustration. The scene ended with everyone else hooking up while Nicole was left crying at the hotel in a very sad montage.

After all that drama, Nicole and Clay were the first couple to step on the proposal podium on the beach. Unfortunately, when Nicole asked Cay if he loved her, he could only offer that he was falling in love with her, but not at the full "I love you" stage yet. Although Clay still wanted to continue dating Nicole, his non-proposal was a deal-breaker for her, and she ended things with him. So, the proposals were really not off to a good start...


Next up, things were looking promising between Chris and Katie, as they gushed over one another after waking up in the fantasy suite bed together. After Chris gave a super-romantic speech in which he declared he could not imagine a second without Katie in his life, he got down on his knee and proposed, much to Katie's joy. The newly engaged couple kissed and shed tears of joy on the beach, and it definitely more than made up for the disappointment of Clay and Nicole.

Next up, fans were hoping Dylan and Hannah would keep the love coming with a proposal. Even before heading to the beach, Dylan revealed to the camera that he was indeed going to propose to Hannah... but the question was whether Hannah would say yes. True to his word, Dylan built up to a majorly romantic proposal, but Hannah admitted she was scared of getting hurt by another serious relationship. Still, when Dylan got on his knee to propose, Hannah said yes, giving fans one more happy ending from Paradise.

Finally, it was Demi and Kristian's turn to decide their fate. Before the pivotal moment, Demi admitted she feared she may not be good enough for Kristian, and she was scared of messing things up. For her part, Kristian admitted she would be very hurt if she and Demi did not get engaged on the beach. On the podium, Kristian professed her love for Demi, and Demi lovingly said she found herself in Kristian. That all led to Demi getting on her knee and proposing, and Kristian promptly accepted.

So in the end, there were happily more love connections than breakups, as three couples got engaged and only one wound up splitting up. That's a pretty good ratio, all things considered!

Season 24 of The Bachelor premieres in January 2020 on ABC.