The First Photo Of Kelly Ripa's 'Riverdale' Character Will Give You Serious Lodge Vibes


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may be couple goals in real life, but they are about to serve up a bad romance when Riverdale returns from its winter hiatus. It is already no secret that Consuelos' character of Hiram Lodge is a monster, but it looks like Ripa's new character is going to be just as deadly when she makes her appearance. TV Insider shared a first look at Ripa's Riverdale character, and let's just saw that nobody is going to want to get on her bad side. So who does Kelly Ripa on Riverdale? Let's break down everything we know.

A couple months ago, Kelly Ripa revealed that she will be joining her husband Mark Consuelos on his CW drama Riverdale in a guest role. Ripa revealed that she would be playing a woman named Mrs. Mulwray, who just so happens to be Hiram Lodge's mistress. Not much else is known about Mrs. Mulwray, although her name is a clear nod to the classic noir film Chinatown, which could be a clue as to her character's story. TV Insider has revealed that Ripa's cameo will take place on the Jan. 30 episode of Riverdale, so there are still a couple episodes before she makes her entrance. The site also shared a first look at Mrs. Mulwray, who is ominously brandishing a gun. It's safe to say that she is going to bring a whole lot of trouble to Riverdale!


Now you might be wondering who Mrs. Mulwray is staring down while holding that gun, and the good news is that we actually have an answer. A newly released extended promo trailer for the second half of Riverdale Season 3 shows us a brief scene of Mrs. Mulway pointing her gun at Jughead, who is trying to steal a Fabergé egg. Later in the trailer, Cheryl is also seen sneakily grabbing that egg, so it seems like Mrs. Mulwray is guarding a pretty valuable treasure that the kids really need. Check out the trailer below:

Of course, the fact that Mrs. Mulwray is Hiram Lodge's mistress also teases some major drama for the whole Lodge family. Veronica already hates her dad so much that finding out he is having an affair probably won't do too much to worsen her view of him, but Hermione is still working alongside her husband for the most part. If she finds out about Hiram's mistress, then it could finally be the thing to convince Hermione to turn on Hiram once and for all.

And Mrs. Mulwray is only one of about a million weird mysteries that the rest of Riverdale Season 3 has to tackle when the show returns. We also still need to figure out who the Gargoyle King is, what is up with the Gryphons and Gargoyles game, what the Farm is doing in town, and how a high school student is able to open and run a speakeasy. Oh, and let's not forget that Hiram Lodge has quarantined the whole town of Riverdale, cutting it off from the outside world, which includes the inconveniently out-of-town Archie, Jughead, and F.P.

Riverdale will return on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.