Here's Who Hannah Picked On 'The Bachelorette' Finale

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Well, Bachelor Nation, it's been a long and winding road, but it's finally the end of Hannah Brown's journey to find love. Or, at least it's the end of her journey for now. There have been so many twists and turns throughout Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, it wouldn't be a surprise if there's still more drama to come. Who did Hannah pick on The Bachelorette finale? Hannah had to go with her heart and choose Jed.

It wasn't an easy path for Hannah to get to her final rose with Jed. Before Hannah made her decision, her parents voiced numerous concerns about Jed's music career. When Hannah's parents met Jed, they were worried about his ability to provide for her while making a living as a singer-songwriter. Hannah told her parents that she wasn't worried about Jed's career, but even still, she was confused after speaking with them. Hannah left that meeting feeling pretty upset. But, luckily, Jed was there to comfort her. He said that he wanted to know what was bothering her, no matter what it was, and he even listened to Hannah talk about her feelings for both him and Tyler. That moment of emotional connection is what might have eventually sealed the deal for Hannah and Jed.

But, before Hannah could make that final decision, she needed to grapple with the fact that she was in love with both Tyler and Jed. Hannah said that she was hoping for clarity the day of the final rose ceremony, but unfortunately, she didn't have it. On her way to hand out the final rose, Hannah asked her driver to stop the car. She tried to take a moment to reflect, but instead, she fell in the street. It all seemed to support her general feeling that she "really can't do this."

Hannah did pick herself up and make her way to the final rose ceremony. But, she was still worried about making her final choice.

"Jed and Tyler both have pieces of my heart and I don't know how to tell somebody they're not enough because that's not true," Hannah said. "The man I have to end things with is not going to expect it."

Tyler was first to step out of the limo to meet Hannah. He began a speech about how much Hannah means to him, but before he could finish it, Hannah interrupted him and told him that she was in love with someone else. Tyler was heartbroken, but he was still gracious to Hannah. "I'm still gonna be your biggest fan and root for you," Tyler said.

Then, it was time for Hannah to talk to Jed. Jed told Hannah that he never thought it would be possible to fall in love as fast as he did, and even though he was unsure of the future he was sure of his love. "The light inside of you is brighter than I ever could have imagined," Jed told her.

Jed sang a song that he wrote for Hannah, and Hannah told him that she's so happy everything in her life led her to this moment with Jed. It all led to a super-sweet proposal from Jed, and Hannah saying yes to him.

The couple had a picture-perfect fairytale proposal. But, unfortunately, that wasn't the end of their story. Questions about Jed's relationship status arose soon after and caused some turmoil for the couple. But, at least they'll always be able to remember their beautiful engagement.