These Tweets About Hannah’s Fall On ‘The Bachelorette’ Finale Are SO Relatable

ABC/John Fleenor

Picture this: It's been several long weeks of ballgowns, tears, and men running toward you as they scream your name. Suddenly, you're left with only two men, one of whom that camera crew following you around wants you to marry. You're torn between these men and probably craving American junk food after spending so much time in Greece, so you just have to take a cleansing walk. But thanks to your sparkly dress and heels, you fall in the middle of the street. Whether or not you've been the Bachelorette, you can probably relate to that hopeless wander, and these tweets about Hannah's fall on The Bachelorette prove that Bachelor Nation feels her pain.

Hannah Brown's uncertainty about what kind of future she preferred began after her family met both Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt in the first finale episode on July 29. While her parents adored Tyler and his obvious love for Hannah, Jed's guarded disposition and inability to prove that his music career was thriving worried the Browns. Hannah's dad Robert tried to advise him about financial troubles causing relationships to fail, while her mother Susanne spoke to Hannah about the long hours away from home that Jed's Nashville-based career would entail.

Although Hannah initially left Tyler's visit feeling like they could get engaged, her parents' uncertainty about Jed stirred up confusion about who she really loved. Also haunted by the inevitability of breaking at least one heart, Hannah's nerves were still prominent when she was en route to the proposal site in July 30's conclusion of the season finale. "I can't do this," she said, fidgeting in the backseat of a car. "Can you stop the car?"

Cue the Bachelorette wobbling down a hilly Grecian street before she tripped and landed on the concrete. As a producer ran to check on her, Hannah tearfully admitted, "I really can't do this."

It took Hannah a few moments to stand up and gather her thoughts, but fans were already commiserating with her feelings. Plenty of fans in Bachelor Nation have been as metaphorically and physically low as Hannah was in that moment. As the embarrassing fall played during July 29 previews and the July 30 episode, viewers tweeted their supportive reactions to show Hannah she wasn't alone in epic stumble.

Of course, Hannah's fall quickly turned into this season's equivalent of Colton Underwood's Bachelor fence jump. Although they totally relate to Hannah's clumsiness at a dramatic moment, some viewers can't help but poke fun at how her tumble fits into the season's storyline.

It might not be as tantalizing as Colton ditching cameras and launching himself over a fence, but Hannah made a valid case for how scatterbrained the Bachelorette can be by the end of her journey. Filming the season is often a tough ride, but it's safe to say that all of the leading ladies walk away from the experience with minimal scratches and a good lesson or two.