Team USA Was The Most Extra At The Opening Ceremony & You Have To See Every Piece

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I'm a huge fan of the Olympics, because of the competitive nature and fashion. Although I'm confident I will never compete, I'd win gold in dissecting uniforms. I can tell at a glance who designed what and this year, if you're wondering who designed Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms, don't you worry — I've got all the information that you'd think I designed the uniforms myself!

I'm obsessed with the mechanics of the competition uniforms, but I can't get over the opening ceremony outfits. Designed by Ralph Lauren for 2018, the uniforms will consist of a parka and bomber jacket. The athletes are totally not focused on Instagram-worthy outfits, but the all-American brand definitely designed the perfect uniforms for opening ceremony #squadgoals pictures.

This year, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, which is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. Currently, the temperatures are hovering under 20 degrees, so that means not only do the athletes need to be bundled up, but they need uniforms that are just as stylish.

According to a press release, Team USAS's coats have heating components that were made to keep the athletes warm during the entire ceremony. In addition to keeping them warm during the ceremony, the parka and bomber jacket's heating components last up to 11 hours. Seriously, these heated jackets need to hit the mainstream markets in bulk because Ralph Lauren would make a killing.

(In fact, the Team USA jackets are already sold out!)

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According to a Team USA press release, the heating system is made out of electronic printed ink. If that already didn't sound cool, the printed conductive inks are printed in the shape of the America flag. Created with carbon and silver ink, this American flag is bonded to the interior of the jackets:

The printed conductive inks are flexible and stretchable, and connect to a battery pack with three settings. With water-repellent properties and featuring 11 hours of heating time at full charge and immediate heat, the jackets are truly functional pieces for America’s brightest athletes.
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In addition to the futuristic jacket, the USA team will be wearing slim-fit jeans with a moto-inspired seaming, adorable intarsia (knitting technique that creates patterns with multiple colors) knit sweaters, a USA-themed navy bandanna, leather belt, brown suede explorer gloves with fringe and hand beading, and brown suede mountaineering boots with red laces and official USA navy wool caps.

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The whole look is obviously red, white, and blue to show off the patriotic love, but I think it's so cool that the Lauren team kept the belt, boots, and gloves brown suede. It kind of gives the look a true American feel. To Lauren, it represents the core of our country, which is the hard working women and men that make us one of the greatest countries in the world.

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The press release continued:

Ralph Lauren has effortlessly woven style and functionality into the Opening Ceremony uniform for the 2018 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams,” said Lisa Baird, USOC chief marketing officer. “The revolutionary design will keep American athletes warm as they proudly walk through PyeongChang Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony.
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Over the years, Ralph Lauren has changed up the design of the USA uniforms. I was obsessed with the cardigans in the 2014 Sochi Games. Although some found the pattern to be a bit garish, that patchwork detailing reminds me so much of skiing in the winter. I wasn't a pro, but I loved hitting the slopes just to see the fashion.

Don't get me wrong, I love summer dresses and bathing suits, but you can find me in a comfortable sweater any day. The brand decided to go a different route this year because the 2018 will be all about incorporating innovative technology into fashion.

Said the press release:

"At Ralph Lauren we’re always trying to celebrate the American spirit, but we also want to have a point of view," says David Lauren. "The red, white, and blue sensibility is something we believe in, but we also wanted to reinvent that sensibility for the modern spirit of today’s athletes."

Good luck Team USA, although you're going to win major medals for our country, you guys have already won gold for best dressed in my eyes!