The Queer Girl Celebrity You Should Date, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If you're in the LGBTQ+ community and wondering which queer girl celebrity you should date, you'd want to make sure that your zodiac signs are aligned. Because, besides the hypothetical immense coordination of dating a famous person who travels often and whose relationship are dissected by the media, you also want to make sure that your compatibility is confirmed by the stars. You don't want to date just any gorgeous queer celeb, but one that's suited for your sun sign, too. Mix and match the signs and the relationship could be disastrous.

To figure out exactly who you should date, I've created a list of queer women celebrities with a variety of zodiac signs, and matched them each up. Read ahead to see who you're destined for – it's in the stars. (Or, at least, I'm saying it is, so just go along with it and tell your friends.) But of course, the chance to date any of these women would be incredible, so take all matches with a grain of salt. I, a Scorpio, wouldn't necessarily turn down Sagittarius Miley Cyrus just because we may not be perfectly compatible – the truth is, hypothetically, I'd have a hard time turning down Miley (loved her since the Hannah Montana days!) but I definitely would fear the wrath of a Hemsworth brother being mad at me. Anyway, here's your list.

Aries: Amber Rose
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You'll pair well with Libra Amber Rose, as you'd be drawn to her down-to-earth disposition and she'd be interested in your upbeat energy.

Taurus: Lauren Jauregui
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You, Taurus, would match well with Cancer Lauren Jauregui. You two would be fine chilling out, ordering in food and relaxing at home. You're both emotional beings, which would suit you two well in a relationship.

Gemini: Miley Cyrus
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Gemini, you love the spontaneous and lively Sagittarius, so your queer gal would be Miley Cyrus. You two would make everyone jealous with your A+ social media documentation of your relationship, showing the world just how in love you are.

Cancer: Amandla Stenberg
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You love the intensity and assuredness of a Scorpio, so you'd pair well with Amandla Stenberg, who appreciates the sensitive and caring side of a Cancer.

Leo: Lady Gaga
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Aries Lady Gaga would match you in your outgoing and confident nature, so you'd both want to be around one another. You're both positive people, which allows you to feed off each other's vibrant energy.

Virgo: Madison Beer
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You'd like someone with an easygoing personality like Pisces Madison Beer, and she'd dig your dedication to hard work. You both really value the people most important to you.

Libra: Samira Wiley
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Aries Samira Wiley would suit with you well. This is a classic case of opposites attracting: Wiley's sweet, diplomatic nature is magnetic to you, whereas she'd be drawn to your confidence and energy. (But since Wiley is married, you can admire your crush from afar.)

Scorpio: Ruby Rose
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Pisces and Scorpio are one of the most compatible couples in the zodiac. Ruby Rose, a Pisces, is a great match for you. You'd feel safe telling them your deepest secrets, and she'd have no trouble empathizing with you in any situation.

Sagittarius: Kristen Stewart
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You're attracted to Aries Kristen Stewart and her out-there charm. Her energy and enthusiasm will draw you to her, and you two could have some incredible adventures together, since you're both explorer-types.

Capricorn: Amber Heard
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Taurus Amber Heard can help you, Capricorn, loosen up from your tendency to over-focus on career. In turn, Taurus will appreciate your focus and ambition.

Aquarius: Cara Delevingne
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You love spunky Leo Cara Delevingne's unique personality and how she marches the beach of her own drum. Meanwhile, you won't be able to get enough of Delevingne's open-hearted attitude to embracing life.

Pisces: Megan Fox
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Your dreamy persona is well-suited with Taurus Megan Fox. You both will push one another to reach your goals. Fox is also married, but a girl can dream.

Even if some of these queer women are happily in relationships, there is no harm in having a "realistic" and practical crush from a distance, happily admiring from a screen.