Which Kardashian-Jenner Sister You Are, Based On Your Love Life

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After watching the Kardashians on Keeping Up for years, it definitely feels like we all know this clan well. Important moments, like Kourtney pulling Penelope out during labor, Kim losing her earring in the ocean, and the aftermath of Kendall's controversial Pepsi commercial all add to the brilliance that keeps us returning to the Kardashians. The bottom line is, they're an entertaining family who happen to be very rich and successful. Over the seasons of getting to know the fam, we've also witnessed their love lives in action. Each sister has a different way of approaching love: so which Kardashian are you when it comes to romance?

From Kim's 72-day marriage, to Kourtney and Scott's on-again, off-again relationship, to Kris and Caitlyn's separation, you may identify specifically with one of the sisters or momager of the squad. Even if we never see Kendall on the show anymore because she's jetsetting to the latest Fashion Week – hey, maybe you relate to her not wanting to film whoever she's dating on a reality show seen by millions of people. Because when it comes down to it, you've come to love this family as if it's your own, and you definitely relate with at least one of them.

If you like being friends first and letting that evolve into a relationship, you're like Kim.

If you like really getting to know someone before diving into a relationship, you're similar to Kim, whose relationship with Kanye turned romantic after years of friendship. Their partnership is based in a foundation of friendship, which you, too, look for before trusting someone with your heart.

If you prefer to keep quiet about your love life, you're like Kendall.

If letting family and friends know every detail about your love life freaks you out a little, you're like Kendall, who keeps her romances pretty under-the-radar. Kendall's never shown a serious partner on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, probably not wanting to invite additional speculation into what's between her and the person she's seeing.

If you always go back to that one person, you're like Kourtney.

Like Kourtney, you seem to constantly return to that one person in your life who knows everything about you and you love no matter what. You two share a history, and some sort of chemistry that you've yet to find with someone else.

If you express your love in big ways, you're like Kylie.

You're big on getting your significant other flashy gifts and showy presents to broadcast your love, just like Kylie. In the past, the youngest of the OG Kardashian/Jenner squad bought a Bentley for her ex-boyfriend Tyga, and she's known to collaborate with her sisters on her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics.

If you do anything for love, you're like Khloe.

Grand gestures of romance is your way of showing love, as well as Khloe's. You have no problem moving across the country and sacrificing for that one big love, just like Khloe, who moved from L.A. to Cleveland for basketball player boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

If you put your career over your love life, you're like Kris.

Legendary Momager Kris Jenner has had a few romances play out on screen, and if one thing's clear it's this: No one stands in the way of the Kardashian/Jenner brand. If your prioritize your career ATM, you're a total Kris.

So whether you show love by giving someone a car (OK – definitely not that drastic), by making them take the backseat to your career, or are in the midst of a dramatic on-and-off will-they-won't-they love story, I'll be right there with you, keeping up.

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