The Absolute Weirdest Places College Students Have Had Sex On Campus

Before you went off to college, you probably assumed that university life offered plenty of opportunities to hook up with all the mature, intellectual hotties you'd surely encounter on campus, right? But then you actually arrived at school and realized that your roommate leaves the room so infrequently, her skin might have actually grown attached to her bed. So you had to figure out where to have sex on campus without disturbing your roomie's precious Netflix binges.

In college, I obviously knew that hooking up in the library was a thing... but it was impossible to find an empty chair at a table, much less a corner of the stacks free of all other humans.

I don't know about you, but my college library was super crowded. Hooking up in public can be thrilling, but hooking up three feet away from that girl you vaguely recognize from your humanities seminar is probably a sex crime.

I had no interest in getting caught, so the craziest stunt I ever tried to pull in that library was teaching myself an entire semester's worth of neurobiology in one sitting. Instead, I asked my more adventurous friends for their most scandalous stories about having sex in public places on campus. Take inspiration from their juiciest tales.

The religious center.

I went to a Jesuit university and we hooked up in the multi-faith center on campus. We heard footsteps come in and almost got caught before we sprinted out.

— Alexia, 24

A photo booth.

I was heading to the bathroom in the student center with my girlfriend. This was right after we started dating. On the way there, I pulled her into a photo booth to kiss her. We were making out and then we had sex because we're ~spontaneous~.

— Lauren, 19

The dorm laundry room.

I was spending the weekend visiting a friend of mine at Columbia and I ended up going on a date with a guy in New York who I had been texting for a few weeks. When he dropped me back off at her dorm, we weren't quite ready for the date to end, and so we ended up sneaking down to the building's laundry room and hooking up while I sat on a washing machine. Fortunately when someone came in around midnight, our pants were back up.

— Marissa, 24

A stairwell.

There was the most gorgeous guy on campus who I assumed always saw me as a friend. Well, a year later, he invited himself over to watch Netflix (I swear to god, he was the first person to 'Netflix and chill' me), and when we went on our open stairwell for a cigarette, we ended up hooking up right there. He later stole one of my t-shirts with a yeti on it, and I'm still sad about that.

— Maeve, 24

A public bathroom.

I was hooking up with a guy who lived in my dorm, and both of us had roommates that never left our suites. So we wound up finding a bathroom (the single-stall kind) in the lobby of our building and hooking up there... I felt like I needed to shower after that. So grimy.

— Lyn, 22

A classroom.

My ex and I used to find empty classrooms in academic buildings late at night to do our homework together. After studying for awhile, it usually led to sex. Janitors used to do rounds around 11 p.m., so we had to be on the lookout. But once, we had sex in a computer science classroom that only he and a handful of other students had the keys to (aka no janitors!) because there was all this very expensive computer equipment in it. It was great.

— Chloe, 24

If you're getting busy outside your dorm room, just remember to keep one ear out for footsteps... Because that's one conversation you definitely don't want to have with the campus security officers.

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