This Couple Got Caught Having Sex Outside A Library -- In Broad Daylight


Is there a greater aphrodisiac than a good old biblioteca? If there is, I don't want to know about it.

Maybe it was the smell of those crisp, library book pages. Or maybe it was the shiny lacquer on those mahogany benches. Whatever it was, it got these two in the mood to get down and dirty.

But not in an erotic, "held up against the bookshelves" kind of way. More like a "let's do it outside the library entrance, on the ground, in broad daylight" kind of way.

No kidding.

This couple just got right to it by a couple of benches. It's more like aggressive dry humping than proper intercourse. (But they seem to be enjoying it nonetheless.)

Watch it. But we're warning you, this really is not safe for work (or anywhere else in the world, really).

It's gritty. It's in your face. And let's be honest: You can't wait to watch it.

So enjoy (pervert):

OMG, did you see that? Right after he's done, he just gets up, swings his woman back onto his shoulders and cruises out, real casual-like.

What a maverick. He's just doing his thing.