Vans' Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Is Beautiful, Inclusive, & Charitable, Too

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Courtesy of Vans

I'm always looking for a reason to buy new shoes, so when I heard iconic sneaker brand Vans would be teaming up with CoppaFeel!, I knew I needed all the deets on where to get Vans' Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. Talk about a justified purchase! Not only are the styles in this collaboration oh so cute, a huge chunk of the profits will be donated to an incredible BCA charity. Find a reason not to buy these kicks, I dare you.

If you've never heard of CoppaFeel!, it's time to show the UK-based charity some love, because they are out here doing amazing things in terms of raising breast cancer awareness and normalizing breast exams. “For our charity, this collaboration with Vans is a dream come true,'' said Coppafeel! founder Kris Hallenga in a Vans press release. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to spread our message across Vans’ audience, as this partnership will allow us to tell more people why checking their boobs is so important, and in return, save lives," said Hallenga.

Oh, and by the way, the collection doesn't only include women's sneakers and apparel. Styles for men, women, and children have made the cut:

Courtesy of Vans

Why? "Because breast cancer impacts everyone," as the Vans press release so eloquently stated. "CoppaFeel! exists to stamp out the late detection of breast cancer by educating everyone — girls, boys and non-binary pals about their boobs and encourage them to get anything abnormal checked out," Hallenga futher explained.

And just as anyone and everyone can shop the collab, they can all see themselves represented in the artwork, too:

Courtesy of Vans

There are four different designs in the collection, and each was crafted with inclusivity and love in mind. “The illustration style uses simple shapes and minimal linework to highlight the bold use of color and the unity of interlocking figures," Diandre Fuentes, Vans Footwear designer, explained in the brand's press release. "Breast Cancer is a disease that affects everyone regardless of their race or status, and we wanted the women in the illustrations to reflect this reality,” she added. How profound, beautiful, and true! Well done to Fuentes and the entire Vans design team.

My favorite design features an at-home breast exam blueprint. How creative is that?

Courtesy of Vans

However, I love the words of encouragement on this pair, which bear the phrase, "You got this":

Courtesy of Vans

This is truly Vans' most special collab to date. The entire collection, which features sneakers, slides, sweatshirts, backpacks, hats, and tees, will be available October 1, and sold exclusively on the Vans website.

Shoppers to the site will even be given the option to donate in addition to any purchases made:


What's more, Vans has pledged to donate a minimum of $200,000 of the proceeds from the collection directly to CoppaFeel!, which is both generous and amazing. Seriously, I cannot think of a more worthy shoe to shop this season. Catch me rocking this collab all throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month, and every day after that, too.

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