The Shrimps x Converse Collection Is Chock-Full Of Trendy Sneakers & Sweats — Here's How To Shop It

Converse X Shrimps

After stumbling around in my over-the-knee boots for a few too many nights during 2018, I'm hailing 2019 as the year of the sneaker when it comes to my own personal wardrobe, so I've been scoping out only the chicest of kicks to include in my footwear lineup. With that said, I've been looking into where to get the Shrimps x Converse Collection that dropped in December, as it really nails that perfect balance between fashion and function, to say the least.

If you're not familiar with this collab, or even Shrimps itself, allow me to get you all caught up to speed. Iconic footwear brand Converse is known for collaborating with other brands to create cool and unique sneaker collections every now and again, and when they announced a team-up with Shrimps, a British fashion brand by Hannah Weiland that's all about whimsy and fun, I knew the collab would make my list of splurge-worthy sneakers for the new year. Shrimps pieces aren't exactly cheap, but a pair of Converse sneakers certainly ends up costing less than a multicolored faux fur coat no matter how you slice it, so this seemed like my chance to get in on the action.

Honestly, name a better duo than Shrimps and Converse — I'll wait:


The collection dropped on December 13 and is available exclusively on and the Shrimps E-boutique. It's not a huge line of pieces; in fact, there are only two sneakers in total. In addition to the kicks, though, the collab includes a hoodie, a pair of pants, and two long-sleeved shirts, so if you wanted to, you could really rock a Shrimps X Converse look from head to literal toe. The price range sits between $45 and $120, and according to the brand, each piece is covered in designs of hand-drawn doodles by Weiland herself.

The limited edition sneakers are definitely top priority on my To-Buy list, and the two choices are so different, I might even be able to justify snagging both. The Converse x Shrimps One Star Low Tops ($120, are a bubblegum pink dream with a hint of pink faux fur on the heel, and they come with both pink and white laces. On the other hand, the Converse x Shrimps Chuck 70 High Tops ($110, are a bit less bright, all black and white aside from the red Shrimps logo, with a bit of gray faux fur at the heel.

Like I said, sneakers are my top priority here, but I do admit that the whole sweatpants-and-hoodie combo are tempting me in a big way. The Converse x Shrimps Faces Pullover Hoodie ($100, is sold out in XXS, L, XL, and 2XL, but XS, S, and M are still available. On the other hand, the Converse x Shrimps Faces Open-Hem Pants ($80, are only still available in XS and L, so it's really now or never if your size is still left.

There's no hard end date for the collection as of yet, but like all great collabs, it's limited edition, so if you, too, are hoping to step up your sneaker game in 2019, I highly recommend picking these up ASAP.