GORE-TEX & Converse Collaborated On Water-Resistant Sneakers, So Bye, Cumbersome Snow Boots

Courtesy of Converse

One of the most annoying things about inclement weather has got to be having to change your shoes every time you step indoors or back outside. Unfortunately, most water-resistant shoes typically aren't the cutest, and therefore, you usually have to change out of them before work or before going out for dinner or drinks. But with the new collection from GORE-TEX x Converse, we just might have an answer to those impractical footwear woes, thanks to their collection of sneakers that can brave the elements. Sneakers that can stand up to a bit of rain or snow? Yes, please.

"Converse x Gore-Tex® represents two iconic brands that have been interpreted, adopted and transformed by the streets," reads a statement from Converse. "What started in Holiday 2017 as a collaboration focused on function through 'Urban Utility,' continues with a contrasting point of view, presenting a capsule of footwear that gives a nod to the adoption of both brands by street culture - outside of intended function."

Known for their material innovations, GORE-TEX offers cool textiles that are water-resistant and will help keep you dry and warm. Pair that with Converse's classic kicks that promise both comfort and style — and that I'm already sure you know and love — and you've got yourself the ideal shoe for quick jaunts through rain, snow, or shine. It seems like that was the goal behind the new editions to the collaborative "Urban Utility" collection, which feature a new, durable take on the Chuck 70 style you're already familiar with.

Further, the brand confirms that these sneakers feature "a durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining, with a water-repellant canvas uppers." Lightweight and legitimately fashionable shoes that can deal with some snow and gross weather? And, it's available in two different color ways, one bright and perfect for adding a pop of color to a look and one that'll easily blend in with the rest of your wardrobe? Count me in. To be clear, these sneakers aren't completely waterproof and therefore shouldn't replace your actual snow boots on a regular day. But they will stand up to a bit of water thanks to their water-resistant design, meaning a quick walk to the Subway or out to your car will be fine.

Courtesy of Converse

The first color way is a shockingly bright orange. These shoes are the perfect way to infuse your drab winter wardrobe with some color. They feature black rope laces, silver hardware, and a white sole and toe cap.

Courtesy of Converse

And finally, what would a sneaker drop be without a classic black offering? This style will go with literally everything you wear and is a far more subtle option than the above two — because there's nothing wrong with an all-black uniform.

Want to get suited up for the rest of winter and be covered for spring as well? You can shop these new GORE-TEX x Converse picks now at They'll only run you about $110, which is a small price to pay, considering they're technically a two-in-one style.

If the sneakers aren't catching your eye and you still prefer more traditional winter footwear, check out this roundup of snow boots that are both cozy and cute. The styles prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for function, much like the above sneakers. Whether you're into faux fur or duck boots, lace-ups or zip-ups, there'll be something that will pique your interest.