KKW Beauty's Celestial Skies Collection Includes 3 New Dreamy Eyeshadow Palettes

Is it just me, or has it been more than a minute since fans have been blessed with a new makeup collection from Kim K? Fortunately, they won't have to wait much longer, since the KKW Beauty Celestial Skies Collection is dropping soon, and holy moly, is it pretty. After releasing her fair share of ten-pan eyeshadow palettes and contour kits since KKW Beauty's debut, Kardashian is back with a dreamy new range including the brand's first-ever five-pan palettes, gorgeous lip crayons, and handy blush trios. Basically, you might as well toss out all your old makeup and fully restock for 2020 with this fresh lineup.

When Kardashian posted the first promo image for her new collection, I had to do a double-take to ensure she wasn't cosplaying as a mermaid. Her extra-long platinum waves and metallic purple leggings looked incredible, and while I thought for sure the collection would be inspired by the sea, the name Celestial Skies made me realize I needed to be looking a bit higher to see her source of inspo.

All in all, the collection features three new five-pan eyeshadow palettes, two new blush trios, and five new lippies. While everything will be available individually, a ton of different bundle options will be sold as well. Shoppers can buy all three palettes together, as well as a blush kit duo or all five lippies as a set. Another option is to select one product from each category for a three-piece bundle for $72, or buy all ten new products for a cool $215. Anybody want to lend me $215??

First up are the Eyeshadow Palettes, retailing for $25 apiece, or $70 as a trio:

KKW Beauty

From top to bottom, "Night Sky," has a cool-toned pinky vibe, "Bronze Heaven," has a rich gold and brown color scheme, and "Sepia Sunset" gives off warm, reddish tones.

Next up are the Blush Palettes, available for $38 apiece for as a set for $70:

KKW Beauty

Depending on your desired finish, you'll either love the Classic Mattes Blush Palette, with shades "Matte Light Coral," "Matte Warm Pink," and "Matte Warm Peach," or the Classic Shimmers Blush Palette, with "Shimmering Peach Nectar," "Shimmering Peachy Pink," and "Shimmering Warm Rose."

Last but not least, the collection rounds out with five Lip Crayons, available at $18 apiece and $75 for the set:

KKW Beauty

"Dreamy Peach," "Subtle Nude," "Rose Dust," "Sweet Mauve," and "Glossy Mink" cover all your neutral lip shade needs, and the creamy, highly-pigmented formula boasts just the right amount of shine. To shop all the above when the collection goes live on Jan. 24 at 12p.m. PT exclusively on the KKW Beauty website.