The Etude House x Hershey's Chocolate Bar Palettes Look Good Enough To Eat

Etude House

My two vices are chocolate and makeup, and I'm simply not ashamed. Don't even think about asking me to pick between them, though, because I cannot and will not ever do so. Fortunately, the new Etude House x Hersey's makeup collection combines the best of both my true loves, so I don't have to choose, and I can enjoy the two together. 2020 is off to a fantastic start, y'all! And if you can't imagine chocolate lending itself to the beauty world, just wait until you see these candy-bar-shaped palettes. Sweeter shadows have never existed!

When K-Beauty started blowing up in the United States, Etude House was at the forefront of the movement with everything from BB creams to cushion compacts to skincare goodies. Since then, they've maintained their status as a popular cosmetics company known especially for their cute packaging — their recent Tom & Jerry collection was beyond adorable — and their latest collaboration with Hershey's will be a huge treat. Literally! Dropping Jan. 22 on the Etude House site, the brand's collab with the chocolate giant will include palettes, brushes, and blush tints.

Beauty insider Instagram account Trendmood posted some sneak peeks of the goodies, and they look downright delicious:

Note to self: Do not get ready on an empty stomach, because OMG, these really look like chocolate! The two shadow brushes match the two palettes, one of which is in the ~flavor~ "Creamy Milk Chocolate," and the other "Cookies 'N' Cream". The shadow pans really look like bricks of Hersey's chocolate! The Powder Rouge Tints are a more unique, moussy blush formula that comes in a gloss-like tube, available in shades "Hazelnut Chocolate" and "Almond Chocolate."

So, when and where can you snag this delicious drop? Unfortunately, it's not yet clear whether the collab will be an Asia exclusive or available worldwide, so you'll have to follow the brand's social media and keep an eye on the U.S. site come Jan. 22 to see if the products pop up. Personally, I've got my fingers crossed I can snag the whole range — I've never been able to choose between milk chocolate and cookies 'n' cream before, and I don't plan on choosing now! The more chocolate-themed palettes, the merrier.