Selena Gomez's Wore The Cutest $50 Dress To Celebrate Her B-Day In Rome, & It's Still Available

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In my eyes, Selena Gomez has one of the most attainable senses of style of all the celebs I follow. Maybe it's because we're close in age and she often dresses down, but I often see her outfits and find myself thinking, "I could totally wear that!". That said, these outfits are often well out of my price range and I have to settle for fast fashion dupes, so when I figured out where to get Selena Gomez's $50 dress worn to celebrate her birthday, I was thrilled to see it came from one of my fave reasonably-priced retailers, Zara. Selena, if you're reading this, LMK next time you want to go for a Zara shopping trip! I'm so in!

You know how celebrities often wear things that look inexpensive, but are actually hundreds (Sometimes thousands!) of dollars? Think pre-dirtied white sneakers and overly distressed jeans. Well, this time, Gomez is actually wearing a true affordable piece, and I couldn't be more thrilled, because it's cute AF. A photographer from Page Six snapped a shot of Gomez strolling the streets of Rome whilst celebrating her 27 birthday, and apparently, Gomez was wearing a dress that costs just $50. Spoiler alert: It's still available. Get excited!

Here's the papparazzi pic, in which Gomez is staying hydrated. It's hot and humid in Italy right now, people!

The dress is none other than Zara's Wrinkle Look Dress ($50, in Light Khaki. What a name! Only Gomez could make intentional wrinkles look so chic. The prairie-style dress features a halter neckline and a V-slit with a tie above the chest, which Gomez chose to leave untied for that easy, ~effortless~ vibe. Love it.

It's still available in a handful of sizes, but there's a good chance it'll sell out soon, so shop it while you can:

According to Page Six, Gomez paired the inexpensive dress with a designer handbag by Staud. It was her birthday, after all; she had to flex just a little! The Staud Bissett Bucket Bag ($295, was a two-toned, canvas and leather version of the purse I've never seen before and now want.

Thank me later, I've already found a few semi-dupes for when Zara dress inevitably sells out. Zara also make a Long Ruffled Dress ($70, in a less wrinkly fabric with a really similar skirt — the biggest differences isare the color and the lack of slit and tie at the neckline, but it definitely gives off the same vibe. H&M also carry a Crêped Long Dress ($60, with a similar halter neckline and slit, but without the maxi skirt's ruffled layers.

Recap: What have we learned today? First, that Selena Gomez is super ~down to earth~, and isn't afraid to rock a cute, comfortable dress whilst celebrating her birthday abroad. Second, that you can still buy the exact same dress for jus $50, or opt for a similar style that channels Gomez's breezy vibes. Third, that not all celebs wear overpriced outfits just for the heck of it. That said, I still might splurge on that Staud bag. So good.