This $11 Foundation Is Giving The Viral KVD Good Apple Foundation A Run For Its Money

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Courtesy of Milani
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The beauty gurus of TikTok are back once more to save your wallet. If you've heard of the wonder that is KVD's Good Apple Foundation, you should know Milani's Cream-To-Powder foundation is a must-try dupe. It's nearly a fourth of the price, and you can find it at pretty much any drugstore. Who doesn't love saving a few extra bucks?

After the app fell in love with KVD Vegan Beauty's Good Apple Foundation ($38, KVD Vegan Beauty) for its lightweight, but full coverage, it was time for the TikTok MUAs out there to find a new foundation to make their darling. And, Milani's Cream-to-Powder foundation ($11, Ulta Beauty) might even be better. The hype all started when beauty TikToker Rocio Soria (@rocio.roses) alerted her followers about the dupe. "OK, so I've had this on for a little over seven hours, and it still looks bomb," Soria said during a wear test. Things quickly took off from there.

Rose Siard (@roseandben) hopped on the trend next with her own seven-hour wear test. About five hours in, Siard notes that while some shininess peaked through her Good Apple Foundation, the Milani looked like she just applied it. In the end, she picked Milani as her favorite. But, not everyone was ready to jump ship. "Do I think that the KVD is worth the $38? Yeah, I do," Bree (@scurtoworld) said. "But, if you like a more natural finish, I do think that the Milani is a great dupe, especially for $10."

So, the results are in. Milani's Cream-to-Powder is definitely worth trying out if you're interested in a more budget-friendly cream foundation, and you can find it at a ton of stores. Alongside Ulta Beauty, the foundation is also available at CVS, Target, Walmart, and other big-box stores, so you're only a car ride away from your next favorite product. If you want to check out the reviews for yourself, see some of them below.

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