TikToker Rocio Soria demonstrating Milani Cosmetics' Cream-To-Powder Foundation as a dupe for KVD Ve...

TikTokers Have Found A Cheaper Dupe For KVD Vegan Beauty's Viral Good Apple Foundation

KVD Vegan Beauty // @rocio.roses on TikTok // Milani Cosmetics

Almost faster than the original product made instant waves on beauty TikTok has a dupe for KVD Vegan Beauty's Good Apple Foundation begun making its own waves — and even impressing people more than Good Apple. For almost a month now, the lightweight, full coverage enigma has mystified the beauty community, leaving everyone wondering how a foundation can possibly do both. As it turns out, two foundations can apparently do both, the second being Milani's Cream-To-Powder Foundation.

TikToker and makeup artist Rocio Soria, known for posting beauty reviews and tutorials on the app, posted a video on Saturday, April 3 in which she demonstrated how similar the Milani Cream-To-Powder Foundation ($10.99, Ulta Beauty) is to the KVD Good Apple Foundation ($38, KVD Vegan Beauty). "Step aside, KVD Good Apple. There's a new sheriff in town," she began her video. "You all know I'm your money-saving bestie, and I just found a dupe. It is the Milani Cream To Powder Foundation. We all owe Milani an apology, because we've been sleeping on this." Soria goes on to swipe a single stripe of the Milani foundation on her cheek, showing a smooth, full-coverage, well-matched line, similar to the thousands of KVD Good Apple videos that have showed the same, before doing a full face of makeup with the product.

In a second video, Soria does a wear test, showing how the Milani foundation holds up after a five-mile walk. Spoiler: It still looked bomb. Even more, the Milani Cream To Powder Foundation clocks in at just $11, while KVD Good Apple retails for $38. The KVD foundation has also been mostly sold out for the past several days, while the Milani foundation appears to be stocked up — for not. If you're looking to save a few bucks — or $20 — this is truly great news. However, be warned that the Milani option comes in fewer shades than KVD's 40.

In a separate TikTok, makeup artist Rose Siard did a true battle of the foundations, filming a wear test with KVD Good Apple Foundation on one side of her face and Milani Cream To Powder on the other. Starting at about mid-day, Siard filmed her complexion at multiple times throughout the remainder of the day. While the finishes were certainly comparable, Siard decided she preferred the wear of the Milani foundation, which appeared a bit more intact and slightly less shiny than the KVD foundation, even after about seven hours.

Of course, foundation is deeply personal, so what worked for others may not work for you. If you're up for your own wear test to confirm whether or not Milani's Cream-To-Powder Foundation is a viable Good Apple dupe, shop both products below:

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