This New Foundation Is Blowing Everyone's Mind On TikTok

KVD Vegan Beauty

The sheer amount of TikToks I have seen in which people have gasped over the KVD Vegan Beauty Good Apple Foundation is wild. I mean, blame it on the algorithm, sure, but when have this many beauty lovers rallied behind a product since, like, Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara? Given the product's newfound fame, securing it has become a little more difficult. Other than on the brand's website, you can purchase KVD Vegan Beauty's Good Apple Foundation at Sephora, on, at Ulta Beauty, and on The only catch? It's, uh, pretty much sold out at those places, too.

Major TikTok beauty figures like makeup artists Mikayla Nogueira (@mikaylanogueira), Stephanie Valentine (@glamzillaxo), and Meghan Grant (@meghanbstudios) have all posted videos recently in which they're clearly surprised by how much coverage the Good Apple Foundation ($38, KVD Vegan Beauty) provides, despite it being so lightweight. "Oh, it is full coverage," Valentine said in her video. "Wow, it covers all my redness. Full coverage but lightweight. Feels like velvet on the skin. Oh my God, yes." In a separate video, Grant said, "I have never seen more hype over a foundation," before swiping it on and expressing similar shock "I know you're lying, hold on. Are y'all seeing this? Hyperpigmentation where, ma'am?"

These and essentially all the Good Apple videos start the same: Someone opens the foundation, lightly taps a complexion brush into the pan, rubs the brush down one cheek, only to sit in silent disbelief for a few beats over the amount of coverage just a few taps and one swipe provides. They end the same, too, usually with some variation of "WTF is this sorcery?" and "where has it been my entire life?" Even more, the color matches seem to be pretty on point every time.

Of course, every hyped-up foundation must also pass a wear test. While a majority of users are incredibly happy with the finish, even after several hours, some TikTokers have noted that, unless your skin is super dry, you may experience some separation in the foundation in the oilier areas of your face. That said, you may want to start with a good primer and set your foundation after the fact. And of course, always be wary of TikTok's beauty filter, which never fails to convince me, if only for a moment, that I somehow developed baby-butt-soft skin overnight.

Still, the KVD Vegan Beauty Good Apple Foundation is only growing in popularity for the time being. Shop the product below and grab the last few shades while you can:

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