FYI, Lindt Released A Hazelnut Spread That Nutella Lovers Will Be Obsessed With

In general, I tend to have an impressive amount of self control. I'm usually pretty good at refraining from eating an entire Family Size bag of Tostitos by myself, and I (almost never) go through an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting. Pretty admirable, eh? However, when it comes to fancy chocolate, I literally cannot be tamed. If you want to try my next fancy chocolate binge, here's where to get Lindt's Hazelnut Cream. You're welcome (and tell your wallet I'm very, very sorry).

First there was Nutella, and it totally rocked my world. Now, there's Lindt Hazelnut Cream, and I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. Before you get overly excited, though, you should probably know that its existence is literally breaking hearts all over the internet right now. Like most amazing things, it's only available in Europe at this moment in time, according to TIME. Recently, it was released in the UK (where it's now sold out online), and Americans are still eagerly awaiting its undetermined arrival to the United States. Yes, it's a tragic love story, but it's just something you and I will have to cope with. If you need to talk to somebody about this, look no further. I'm suffering right here with you.

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Nutella lovers, however, should probably know that Lindt's Hazelnut Cream is actually pretty different from the classic chocolate hazelnut spread that most of us have come to know and love. According to TIME, Lindt's Hazelnut Cream actually tastes much more like straight-up hazelnut spread, as opposed to hazelnut-chocolate spread. Lindt's version is made up of a whopping 40 percent hazelnuts, compared to Nutella, which only has 13 percent. So, honestly, if you're only in this for the chocolatey goodness, maybe just stick to the Nutella that's readily available in stores on this continent. It's still worth trying if it's convenient for you, but just keep that in mind. Words of wisdom, y'all.

If you end up giving Lindt's Hazelnut Cream a go and you end up deciding that you're a much bigger fan of Nutella, there's a chance you're a little worried about the fact that Lindt could, in fact, take over the chocolate-hazelnut industry. But, not to worry. According to TIME, Ferrero, the confectionary company that makes Nutella, consumes an impressive 25 percent of the world's hazelnut supply. That's pretty impressive, if you think about it. Nutella is definitely sticking around, and Lindt is not yet taking over (even though I still really, really want to try it).

If you're looking to indulge on all of the chocolate-hazelnut snacks, make sure to check out Australian Food Shop's Choc Hazelnut Dunkaroos. Before you start screaming to the heavens, I'll have you know that the Australian Food Shop does, in fact, ship to America, and their Nutella-esque Dunkaroos are a new twist on the old, classic favorite that you probably grew up snacking on from the comfort of your lunchbox. You won't have to travel across the pond (or like, a few ponds) to get your hands on these babies, so get ready for the snack sesh of a lifetime.

Few things are better than a good old-fashioned chocolate-hazelnut spread, and Lindt's version is the classy upgrade that I need to jazz up my dingy AF kitchen cabinet. It's quite devastating that it's not yet available on this side of the world yet, but some of life's most beautiful treasures are meant to come in due time. If you're across the pond, just know that I'm wildly jealous, and hope your breakfast is undeniably sweet. Happy spreading, guys.