Justin Bieber's Second Crocs Collab Will Likely Sell Out Fast — Here's When It Drops

Ryan Good

A library can never have enough books, and my shoe rack can never have enough Crocs. Happily for me and unhappily for my shoe rack, it looks like I'll have to make room for a new pair, as Justin Bieber's second Crocs collaboration is dropping on March 16. If you don't want to miss your chance to get these clogs, you better set your alarm early, because judging from how freaking gorgeous this colorway is, the stock won't last for long.

This latest drop is more than just a pair of new Crocs — it's a whole bundle. "You know I rock my Crocs with socks, so this time they're included," Bieber captioned an Instagram announcing the collab, in which he's surrounded by lavender Crocs, Jibbitz, and massive teddy bears, clearly living my ideal life. Rather than shopping for your own logo socks to get the Bieber look, the bundle includes a pair of white, embroidered socks that complement your Crocs. Alongside those are five Drew House-themed Jibbitz. It's hard to discern exactly what they are, but it looks like you may be decking out your new shoes with some furry friends. You can the entire bundle for $70 on Crocs' website and in select Crocs stores, although you'll likely be able to shop for pieces individually if you prefer.

Bieber and Crocs make quite the iconic duo. For their first drop in October 2020, the pair created a vibrant yellow clog and eight pop-art Jibbitz. Once the shoes hit shelves, they reportedly sold out within 90 minutes. So, when this latest drop hits at 10 a.m., I'd make sure you're locked and loaded so as not to miss your chance again.

Rory Kramer

When Crocs first launched in 2001, I would've never guessed it would become the brand to collaborate with. Of course, I was only 4 at the time, but still. Post Malone, Bad Bunny, Balenciaga, and KFC are just a few of the major names to pair up with the unlikely clog manufacturer. Now, however, there's little I look forward to more than a new Crocs venture. March 16 can't come fast enough.