KFC Dropped Fried Chicken-Covered Crocs With — Wait For It — Chicken Drumstick Jibbitz

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KFC x Crocs

If you ever feel like your feet are lacking, fret not. KFC has a collection up their sleeve that'll add some ~flavor~ to your footwear — almost literally. KFC collabed with Crocs on limited-edition, fried chicken Crocs that are totally finger lickin' good. The fast food chain introduced two pairs of Crocs — the Classic Clog version and the platform version, a la the Balenciaga Crocs — with both covered in a collage of fried chicken. Sadly, the platform KFC x Crocs shoes were only created for New York Fashion Week, but fortunately for Crocs and chicken lovers everywhere (you know who you are), the Classic Clog version will be available for $60 in the spring on

In an eerie promotional video, a totally glammed out Me Love Me A Lot, a popular makeup artist, plays a KFC employee. In mismatched red stripes, the artist dunks something in the fryer baskets. While she cleans, files her nails, and blows bubblegum bubbles, the frying baskets boil ominously while horror-movie music plays. Finally the timer dings, and out from the fryer emerge two new, crispy pairs of Crocs. One is a pair of platform Crocs that look like you're walking on top of KFC's biggest bucket and the other a subtler classic pair. MLMA serves them at the window, and wait, why is my mouth watering?

Courtesy of KFC

Though the Crocs are definitely not for human consumption, they are delicious for the eye. With a fried chicken print on top and the classic KFC bucket-inspired stripes on the sides, your feet will look like walking buckets of chicken — not something I ever really aspired to until this very moment. To sweeten (or savory-en?) the deal, the KFC x Crocs goods also include Jibbitz that look and apparently smell like a KFC fried chicken drumstick. Beware of wearing these around your dog.

Courtesy of KFC

"Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket, with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs, these shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made of," said Andrea Zahumensky, KFC US CMO, in a press release. Crocs and KFC have both enjoyed somewhat unexpected collaborations in the past. (KFC x Fire Log is one of my particular favorites.) The two brands love infusing humor into their collabs, so this couldn't be a better match.

While I've never had dreams featuring fried chicken footwear, I think I'm going to now. Though the exact release date of the shoes is yet to be confirmed, spring 2020 just got a lot more delectable. Cozy, cute, and crispy — what more could you possibly ask for in a pair of Crocs?

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