Hi, Hello, You Need Hunter's Pink Iridescent Rain Boots On Your Feet Immediately

Spring is just around the corner, which means rainy days and music festivals are too. In fact, Coachella kicks off in exactly one month so if you're headed to any sonic celebrations it's time to start assembling your wardrobe. We know just where to get Hunter's pink iridescent rain boots, which already sold out at boho fashion mecca, Free People, and are the perfect place to start. If you've ever been to a springtime festival and have experienced firsthand the wrath of a seasonal rain shower as it turns the dance grounds to a mud pit, then you already know how imperative it is to keep a pair of wellies on hand at all times. (I've unfortunately ignored my own advice for the better part of six years and been left wearing low-rise Vans sneakers in calf-deep mud at Governor's Ball more times than I can count. Do not make my mistake,)

Kate Moss made Hunter boots the official festival footwear when she wore a pair to Glastonbury in 2005 and they've remained a staple ever since. Hers were plain black and looked effortlessly cool but if you prefer to go a bit bolder with your concert style then Hunter's newest release is perfect for you.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Called the Nebula boot, the style comes in the brand's classic short silhouette, which means it'll hit mid-calf. I much prefer this version over Hunter's tall boot as it feels much easier to move and dance around in. It comes in two pearlescent color ways, the star of which is definitely the Carousel Orange hue. Despite its name, it boasts a decidedly pink sheen with a slight oil slick finish, and looks to be fit for a mermaid or futuristic femmebot.


As I mentioned, the boot already sold out on Free People but luckily it's available on Amazon for $140.40. Pair it with cutoffs and a graphic tee or with a cool netted dress and flash lens sunnies. Whatever your festival style M.O., these boots will only heighten your look.

If pink isn't your style, the boot also comes in a Wave Blue color way, although, again, the name is misleading. The hue boasts more of an ultra violet sheen and is kind of like the evil twin of the pink version above.


It would look killer with denim thanks to its cool blue undertone, so why not try out a Canadian tuxedo of sorts and go for a more unexpected festival look this year? This color is also available on Amazon but it'll cost you $10 more at $150. I guess dark and mysterious is in?

Of course, Hunter also offers tons of boot options that are neither pearlescent nor fantastically hued, so if your style is more minimal or streamlined you should definitely check out their website. (These tri-color Chelsea Boots are my personal favorites.) The brand also offers fanny packs, mini backpacks, rain coats, and more, so no matter what festival gear you're in need of they've got you covered, quite literally.