Vans New Faux Sherpa Sneakers Are Like Outdoor Slippers & They're Comfy AF


I'm never barefoot in the winter; even at home, I always wear slippers. One of my life's great sadnesses is that I can't wear my fuzzy footwear outdoors, and I'm proud to announce that I haven't suffered in vain. Vans took note of my plight, and now the only thing I'm wondering is where to buy Vans Sherpa Sneakers.

Vans is known for their Classic Slip-on Sneakers ($50; Vans), but they're constantly releasing new iterations of all their classic styles. A few weeks ago, Vans had artists from all over the country redesign the shoe, and a New York City baker made a pair of rainbow cake Vans. Vans are stereotypically worn by southern California sk8r bois, but the sneaker company has now acknowledged that some of its customers live north of the wall and released a winter-friendly style. Their Old Skool Sherpa styles are completely covered in faux fur, and are spot on for people who actually experience fall and winter.

Most of the sneakers only have the faux fur on the outside, but one pair does have the faux sherpa lining, so I know which pair I'll be getting. The styles start at $60 and max out at $85 so they're pretty affordable, especially considering what real fur sneakers would cost you (you'd have to add another zero or two to those prices).

Vans Faux Sherpa Classic Slip-On Sneaker

Urban Outfitters

$60, Urban Outfitters

These checkered Vans got a serious makeover. The black and white dyed faux fur holds up well to the classic pattern. Vans also makes this style for kids and I can't handle the cuteness on these Toddler Sherpa Checkerboard Slip-Ons.

Vans Old Skool Sherpa Sneaker

Urban Outfitters

$65, Urban Outfitters

Daaaaammnnnn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans. Except this time they're fuzzy! My cats would definitely try and cuddle up with these shoes.

Vans Sk8-Hi Sherpa Sneaker

Urban Outfitters

$70 Urban Outfitters

As much as I love white sneakers, the grey faux fur on this pair will probably hold up better to dirt and grime than the white. I also can't help but imagine Arya Stark would wearing these — her fighting skills would be on point in these rubber-soled dire wolf fur shoes. OK, I made up the dire wolf fur part.

Urban Outfitters

The shoes still have the classic leather Vans stripe on the sides and the "Vans Off The Wall" skateboard logo tag on the tongue. My feet are itching to get in these the more I look at them.

Vans Sk8-Hi Reissue Sherpa Lined Sneaker

Free People

$85, Free People

This is the only pair that's lined with the fur, they'll definitely keep your feet the warmest, but they're not as Game Of Thrones inspired as some of the others.

Vans Sherpa Slide On Chex Sandal


$35, Journeys

If you actually do live in SoCal, there's still a sherpa shoe for you! The slip-on sandals have been reimagined with a checkered faux sherpa top panel.

Vans is one of those brands that has dedicated, life-long customers (I'd include myself in that group), so when Twitter found out about these shoes, sh*t got lit.

"Knowing my sherpa vans are waiting at my house is the only thing I'm looking forward to today," tweeted one customer.

"Yo I LIVE in my sk8 highs and I’m totes in love with checkered Sherpa slip ons...if I could get @VANS_66 to give me free shoes and me just be a walking ad? GIRL I wouldn’t even hesitate lol," wrote another excited user.

One Twitter user asked around for shoe advice and an angel from above suggested she try the sherpa styles.

"🐄 🐄 💖 💖 @VANS_66 #vans #sherpa #shoes," no words necessary for this purchaser.

"Couldn't wait until payday to order my sherpa vans 😬," I can totally relate to a fleeting paycheck.

"I’ve never wanted the sherpa high top vans more then rn... my feet feel like they’re gonna go numb," pined one user.

Too. Cute.