Taylor Swift Just Dropped The Wildest Merch Of 2019 & Trust Me, You Need To See It

Taylor Swift

Today was all about "ME!" And no, I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about a much-anticipated single that was dropped by a certain pop princess along with an array of clothing that came with it. If you've been wondering where to buy Taylor Swift's "ME!" merch since hearing the news of its arrival, you're definitely not alone. The 14-piece collection is officially available to shop on Taylor Swift's website and if you're into any type of aesthetic that mixes syrupy sweet graphics with pastel tie-dye then you're definitely going to want to shop it.

To backtrack a bit, fans have been eagerly awaiting for today, April 26, to arrive for awhile, guessing that either new music or a merch collection would drop. Swift has been posting candy-colored photos to her Instagram account for the past few weeks and captioning them with a cryptic "4.26," indicating something big was about to be released, and her followers have had fun guessing what it would be. Today, their questions were finally answered and both of their assumptions were proven correct; Swift released "ME!" a single created in collaboration with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie (HELLO, my teenage dream boy), and a lineup of clothing and accessories to go with it.

Watch the music video for the new track (yes, Swift really went all out for the release and covered all of her bases) and take a look at the merch and you'll realize it's all wildly cohesive. Rainbows, glitter, pastel colors, and some serious self-love are strong undercurrents of both—appropriate, seeing as the song is all about valuing who you are and taking pride in your singularity. "I'm the only one of me// Baby, that's the fun of me// You're the only one of you// Baby, that's the fun of you," goes the chorus.

For $55 you can score the cropped crewneck shirt featuring glittery roses that Swift stepped out in earlier this week, subsequently setting off the wildfire of speculations that a merch line was coming. Reading "TAYLOR SWIFT" up its right arm, it's a way for you to rep your favorite artist while also wearing some springtime-appropriate blossoms.

Another style, which retails for $60, is emblazoned with the word "Awesome!" across the front, with its last two letters underlined to indicate the name of Swift's new single. Psychedelic flowers bloom along each arm for an especially playful look.

A tie-dye tee ($40) featuring Swift in some seriously fringy glory is also on the menu...

...but my favorite wearable piece is definitely the light peach crewneck sweatshirt ($65) that reads "AWESOME" in rainbow pastel lettering. Checkout the full selection to see additional tees and sweatshirts.

If you're more interested in accessories, there's a pink hat ($30) with metallic lettering (guess what it spells out!) as well as three Pop Sockets ($20 each).

Two tote bags ($20 each), including this super sweet beige one decorated with a daisy, round out the collection perfectly.

As if the merch wasn't exciting enough, each piece comes with a digital download of "Me!" when purchased. Thank YOU, TSwift.