NYX's Sugar Trip Advent Calendar Literally Gives You 24 Beauty Products For Only $55

If you've been doing your research on what to buy your beauty-obsessed friends for the holidays, chances are one incredible and product-stacked gift set has come up more than once. Wondering where to buy NYX's 2018 advent calendar in order to become the best present-giver of the year? The answer is actually super easy and I can guarantee you it's a purchase you won't regret.

NYX is a favorite among beauty geeks for many reasons, chief among them its offering of vibrant and playful colors. No matter what you kind of look you want to rock, from festival bright to something more natural, NYX can provide you with every tool you'd need. The brand is also incredibly affordable, so accessibility is another one of its major selling points. If you want to get creative with your look but don't want to pay high brow prices, NYX is where it's at.

Now, back to where to buy the advent calendar. In this case, the correct answer is also the most obvious: you can buy it on NYX's website. (Who would've thought, right?) You can also pick one up at your local Ulta Beauty, should you prefer. For $55, it's quite the steal, considering it boasts 24 different treats. While it's technically meant to be started on December 1, with a different gift opened every day until Christmas, I don't think anyone would complain about having to double up on treats. Do you?

The advent calendar is called Sugar Trip and as described on NYX's website, it'll take you on a sweet journey. "Featuring fan-fave formulas in 24 new shades, this limited-edition collection takes you through our makeup-loving squad’s dreamworld." The collection features 14 mid-size lip colors including Soft Matte Lip Cream and Butter Gloss, as well as 10 blendable powders in the form of eyeshadows, highlighters and blush. The calendar lives up to its decadent name via the shades it contains, which are super bright treats—some even boast mouthwateringly perfect names.


The lip products come in an array of light peachy and light pink tones, while a black shade ("Kiev"), powder blue shade ("Sorbae"), dusty lilac shade ("Vienna"), and burnt orange shade ("Peanut Brittle") standout for their boldness.


For eyeshadows, the 6 shades include a bubblegum pink ("Candy Stash"), peachy bronze ("Sweet Tooth"), gun metal silver ("Twisted"), and more. Highlighter-wise, there's a shimmery gold ("Cinnamon Spice"), a slightly pink metallic ("Candy Cloud"), and an icy champagne ("Pop N Rock"). And finally, the blush is a shade of rosy pink ("Lollipop Hop") and would definitely give you that snow-kissed look. Does anyone else feel like opening each little door would feel like an extra rewarding version of playing Candyland?

If this advent calendar doesn't have what you're looking for, fear not. There are a slew of other options out there that will be sure to satisfy whatever beauty craving you or whomever you're shopping for are feeling. Kiehl's, Space NK, Charlotte Tilbury, Ritual, Sephora, the best brands are all offering an excellent gift set—check each of them out here.