Disney Princess & Villain Sheet Masks Are Here & They're Diabolically Good

Dressing up like your favorite Disney characters was always fun as a child, and can even still be as an adult, but what if your costume also had magical restorative powers for your skin? Well, now, it kind of does. Here's where to buy Disney villain & princess face masks so you can channel your favorite princess (or villain) and have a fantasy-filled, at-home spa day.

Mad Beauty is the genius behind these Disney beauty products. The brand produces other fan-favorites such as Barbie Bath Fizzers ($10; and Kellogg's Pop Tarts Lip Balms ($11;, but the Disney craze is still going strong, so that's what I'm most excited about.

There's a plethora of Disney fashion collaborations out there, but it's time for a good old fashioned Disney princess-inspired spa day. I mean, who doesn't want to feel like Princess Jasmine for a day? Mad Beauty has created four different princess-themed sheet masks that actually look like your favorite characters. But the fun doesn't stop there – there are also three villain masks! Ursula, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent are all there to finally do some good and make your skin shine brighter than The Little Mermaid's dinglehopper and Snow White's magical mirror.

Disney Villains Face Mask Collection

Three of the most popular animated villains come together here to heal your skin. Maleficent offers "antioxidant green tea" to "refresh and revitalize," Cruella has "coconut oil known for its nourishing properties" which will reinvigorate your money-maker, and Ursula's cucumber mask will "cool, hydrate, and moisturize skin."

In addition to these being legitimately useful sheetmasks, each one actually looks like the character is named after. Cruella's mask (above) is particularly frightening, so have some fun scaring your roommates while you get your spa on. Two birds with one stone!

Disney Princess Face Mask Collection

If you're more of a do-gooder, the princess sheet masks may be more up your alley. This kit comes with four different masks: Aurora's (Sleeping Beauty) lavender mask has relaxing properties, Belle's (Beauty and the Beast) is infused with rose water which is calming, for "healthy, glowing, smooth skin." Jasmine's (Aladdin) mask is similar to Maleficient's with a green tea infusion, and Ariel's (The Little Mermaid) corresponds with Ursula's mask with cucumber to hydrate your complexion. Look at that, Ariel and Ursula working together for the good of your skin!

The princess masks are honestly almost as terrifying as the villainous ones. If you ever wanted to know what you'd look like as a (very literal) red-head, though, now's your chance.

Disney Princess Face Mask

If you don't want to commit to a whole set of masks, you can also buy each one individually, directly from Mad Beauty.

Disney Villains Face Mask

Mix and match the princess and villain options and you and your roommates can finally try out LARPing, Disney style.

Disney Minnie Face Mask

Since Minnie Mouse is basically the OG Disney princess, IMHO, she also has a sheet mask with her likeness. Polka dotted bow and everything!