Charli & Dixie Designed THE Cutest Fleece Sweatshirts For Hollister — Here's What We Know

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Courtesy of Hollister Co.

As if the two sisters weren't busy enough carrying TikTok on their backs, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio dropped fleece hoodies with Hollister. Previously, Charli and Dixie were named Hollister’s Chief Jeanealogists and tested out the dance-ability of the brand’s denim, but the two went even further this time. For this project, Charli and Dixie actually drew up and helped create a new line of fleeces for Hollister. Those who followed Charli and Dixie on social media secured early access to the new fleeces on Sept. 8, 2020, at the links in their bios. On Sept. 10, 2021, the D’Amelios’ line dropped for everyone in stores and online.

Sadly, it appears each sister's hoodie completely sold out soon after the launch, and as of April 26, 2021, the hoodies don't appear on the Hollister website anymore. Later, in January 2021, Charli and Dixie released another set of designed hoodies, this time featuring a grey tie-dye option with the text "KINDNESS" and a light blue crewneck sweatshirt with the text "Every Day Optimist." Not to be the bearer of even more bad news, but these hoodies also sold out soon after launch and no longer seem to be sold on the Hollister website either. Unsurprising, since Charli and Dixie took the design process very seriously.

“It’s just so cool to see it really be personalized to us and make it exactly how we wanted it to look – Dixie was even able to draw some designs for the sweatshirt I wanted,” Charli said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. “The creation process was also really amazing; the entire thing was done virtually through video chat with the Hollister design team.” The best part is you can totally see the sisters’ styles and personality shine through in both of their fleeces, which Dixie on the edgier side and Charli on the softer side.

Courtesy of Hollister Co.
Courtesy of Hollister Co.
Courtesy of Hollister Co.

For her original design, Charli chose to go with a light peachy-pink sweatshirt that she showed off on her TikTok. It even has her favorite saying, “All smiles here,” printed on it in her own handwriting. There are also a few graphics, including butterflies and peace signs, decorating it. Dixie went with a pastel tie-dye for hers. The design gives a shoutout not only to L.A. but the dancer’s birth year of 2001. Both styles appear slightly oversized and couldn’t look cozier. They’re perfect for both keeping warm all winter and for practicing all the TikTok dances you have saved on your phone.

The D’Amelios first teamed up with Hollister in July 2020, and it seems like this partnership is only going to lead to bigger and better things from the sisters. And, seeing that Charli kicked off their first collab with a new choreographed dance, maybe she has something more in that vein in store for fans.

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