9 Burning Questions Every '13 Reasons Why' Fan Has After The Season 2 Finale


13 Reasons Why took viewers on a wild ride again in Season 2, and that finale honestly has fans asking more questions than when they came into the new season. After seemingly wrapping up the big story of the second season, the finale episode ended the new run on a string of unexpected bombshells, and now fans are forced to wait until (a still unconfirmed) Season 3 before getting any answers to questions like where is Tony taking Tyler in the 13 Reasons Why finale, and what is going to happen to Clay? Let's go over all the pressing questions that Season 2 left us with, and maybe speculate about how Season 3 could answer them.

Spoiler alert: Obviously, don't continue reading if you haven't finished 13 Reasons Why Season 2 yet and want to avoid spoilers about the finale. With Hannah's case settled and the truth about Bryce finally on public record in the penultimate episode of the season, the extra-long finale jumped ahead in time a bit to lay down some cliffhanger-y groundwork for another season of the teen drama. Here are the big questions that we really need a third season to answer for us:

1. Where Is Tony Taking Tyler?


At the tail end of Season 2, all eyes are on Tyler... just like when Season 1 ended. The first season finale revealed that the school outcast was stocking up on firearms, leading fans to assume that a school shooting would be at the center of Season 2. However, Tyler instead formed a friendship with Cyrus and some other rebellious outcasts, keeping his rage contained to harmless acts of vandalism. When he was assigned to a monthlong anger management retreat, he actually came back seeming very stable and calm, but that all changed when Montgomery viciously beat, assaulted, and violated Tyler in the school bathroom.

After that unthinkable abuse, Tyler revisits his gun collection and resolves to use his firearms at the school's spring fling dance. Luckily, Clay finds out and is able to convince Tyler to hand over his assault rifle and get into Tony's car before the cops arrive. So... where is Tony going to take Tyler? We know that Tony only has one strike left until he faces jail time, and assisting Tyler's escape could wind up being just that. Also, Tyler is clearly still dangerously on-edge, and honestly, who could blame him for wanting revenge on Montgomery? That will likely be a main part of a new season.

2. Will Clay Be Arrested?


Before Tony drives Tyler off to safety, Clay takes his assault rifle and is left holding the weapon that has become synonymous with school shootings in front of Liberty High as the police arrive. It's... not a great look. Clay is definitely going to be facing a world of trouble if he follows through on his resolve about defending Tyler.

3. What Is Justin's Mom's Boyfriend Up To?


Aside from Tyler, Justin is the other big worry at the end of Season 2. After living on the streets and developing an addiction to heroin, the former jock is in worse shape than ever at the end of the season... even after it appeared that he had conquered his addiction and found a new family in the Jensens. The finale reveals that Justin is still secretly injecting heroin.

Even more mysterious is the shady appearance of Justin's mom's boyfriend Seth for a split-second in the season finale. Mrs. Jensen was unable to track down Justin's mom when the court required a legal guardian in order for him to be released from juvie, and that led to the Jensens adopting Justin. But as Clay and Justin are talking about becoming brothers at the coffeehouse following Hannah's memorial service, we see that Seth is sketchily watching on from the street. Could Justin's mom and her abusive boyfriend become a major part in the next season?

4. How Will That Love Triangle End Up?


Jessica's relationship with her exes Alex and Justin developed a lot during Season 2... so much so, in fact, that she surprisingly kisses both of them in the season finale. Publicly, she is dating Alex, but in private, she clearly still has feelings for Justin as well, so who will she end up with? I have my theory own this one...

5. What's Going On Between Zach And Alex?


Zach's friendship with Alex has grown so much in Season 2, developing over his volunteer physical therapy sessions to help Alex recover after his suicide attempt. They end the season as great friends, but there are some hints that they might actually be more than just friends. Alex confesses that he is unable to... ahem... stand at attention when he is with Jessica or watching porn, but he does get aroused after a fight with Zach. The show also gives us a pretty romantic shot of Zach and Alex slow dancing before the spring fling dance. Ummm, are we going to see a surprising new couple in Season 3?

6. Will Chloe Keep Bryce's Baby?


A brief but totally game-changing moment in the season finale came when Bryce's girlfriend Chloe revealed to Jessica that she is pregnant. Earlier in the season, Chloe learned that the rumors about Bryce were true, and that he had raped her as well, but she was not ready to tell her story and chose to remain with him. But now that a baby is in the mix, Chloe will be forced to make a very difficult decision.

7. What About The Steroids?


Ummm, remember when Season 2 casually showed the baseball team injecting steroids in the first episode, and then never really mentioned them again? OK, they did talk about the coach providing the team with untainted urine for a drug test, but the effects of steroid use did not come up at all. After we all saw Montgomery's shockingly brutal rage-out on Tyler, though, it looks like steroids could become a topic of conversation in Season 3.

8. Will Hannah Baker Be Back?


Fans were pretty shocked to learn that Hannah Baker would be back in Season 2 after her death in Season 1, and even more surprised to find out that she played some sort of ghost or figment of Clay's mind throughout the season. In the end, Clay is finally able to say goodbye to Hannah's ghost, which suggests that Katherine Langford's part in 13 Reasons Why might be done for good now. But then again... we all thought Hannah was gone forever after Season 1, too.

9. What Is Up With Scott Reed?


Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why introduced a bunch of new characters, most of which served an important purpose in the new story... but Scott Reed was not one of them. The newly added baseball star seemed to be the person sending Clay those polaroids, but then it was revealed that Zach was behind that. In the end, all Scott really did was repeatedly tell people that not all jocks are rapists, and lead Clay and crew to Montgomery's hiding spot. There must be more to Scott that the show has in store.