'Riverdale' revealed where Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead may go to college in its latest epis...

'Riverdale' Revealed Everyone's Plans For College... If They Survive High School

by Dylan Kickham
The CW

Once Riverdale fans realized Season 4 was going to be about Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead's senior year of high school, the looming question of college threatened the future of the show. Since the teens are going to have to leave high school at the end of the season, they may have to split ways and even leave Riverdale. So clearly, the question of where the Riverdale teens are going to college is major this season, and the latest episode finally revealed everyone's tentative plans post-graduation.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for Riverdale Season 4, Episode 8, "In Treatment." In the past, Riverdale has gotten some flack for straying way too far from high school (Season 3 rarely even saw the students in class at all). But the new season is definitely changing that. In fact, Dec. 4's new episode was all about school, and it was the first real time fans got an idea of where each character may go to college (or not) next year.

First up is Betty, who fans learned had her sights set on Yale but was rejected. On the bright side, though, she repaired her strained relationship with her mother, and Alice even repaid the college fund she had given to The Farm, meaning Betty still has a chance of leaving town for a higher education. At this point, it's still unclear where Betty will go, although she clearly has high ambitions. Then again, there's also her interest in the FBI, which piqued after the arrival of her half-brother Charles, so that could be another direction for her after high school.

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While Betty has her sights set on higher education, Archie is the complete opposite. Riverdale High's guidance counselor Mrs. Burble noted Archie had not applied to any colleges at all. Of all the characters, Archie is by far the most removed from high school, and it is apparent that his only real interest is protecting this kids of Riverdale. It seems pretty clear Archie will not be going to college at all, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Veronica seems to have all the college options in the world — I mean, she even got a personal phone call from the dean of Harvard congratulating her on her early admission. However, once she realized she may have only been accepted due to her father's connections and bribery, Veronica surprisingly turned Harvard down. Instead, she told her dad she would go to Yale, although it is not yet clear if she had been accepted into that particular Ivy League school yet.

And finally, Jughead's college situation is probably the most surprising of all. Although he was selected to attend the prestigious Stonewall Prep for his senior year, he hasn't been too interested in college applications. That seems kind of out of character for the brainy "weirdo," but from the looks of it, the budding writer will be lucky if he lives to see graduation, so he probably has bigger things to worry about than college right now.

In the end, Betty and Veronica seem to be the two characters most likely to leave Riverdale for college after Season 4, but what would that mean for the future of Riverdale? There is definitely still a chance the show may find some way to keep all four characters in town after high school, but that isn't clear yet. Fans will just have to see what happens as Riverdale continues its fourth season Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.