When Your Work Crew Is Like Your Second Family, You Experience These 8 Things

Some weeks, it feels like you spend all your time in the office. You're practically there for as long as you are at home, so it's no wonder you get so close with your coworkers. You might even form a bond with certain cubicle mates or people you see in the break room every day that creates the most awesome workplace vibe. They could even start to feel like a second family, and when your work friends are your best friends, it comes with incredible perks you never knew you needed.

I don't know about you, but work goals for me is to find a place where I have my squad. Like the girls in The Bold Type or everyone in The Office, I strive for friendships like that. I've had a few office jobs since college, and the best ones I remember are the ones where I got so close to my coworkers. I've even had a few work wives over time who have helped me out when I needed it, and lunch buddies who knew exactly what I wanted to eat every day.

You're spending so much time together and working on the same goals, that it's inevitable that you become like a family. It's only when you know these eight things to be true in your office when you know you've not only found awesome work friends, but besties for life.

You Have Office Inside Jokes Together

You and your work crew have an endless amount of inside jokes. For example, you probably laugh about those few people in the office who always line up first to grab the best bagels on "bagel Friday." You're friends because you share the same sense of humor, so you'll eventually end up with tons of jokes that make even the worst days so much better.

You Spend More Time With Them Than Your Other Friends

If you have a nine to five job, you're spending so much time with your work friends that you're bound to get super close. Not only do you spend time in the office, but you also go out for happy hour after work. You're spending as much time together as you would with your family at home.

You Make Plans During Your Time Off Together, Too

When you have a day off from work, you always check in with your work friends to see what they're planning on doing. You might even use some of that PTO to go on vacations together. You can't wait to get out of the office, and just spend quality time together, stress-free.

You Have Each Other's Backs In The Office

You are your work friends' biggest cheerleader. You have their backs, and they have yours. You stick up for them in meetings, push them to go for promotions, and even save them a doughnut when they're running late to a meeting.

It's Really Sad When Someone Is Out Sick

When one of your work besties is out sick, it automatically becomes the worst. day. ever. You feel lonely without them to joke over instant messenger, and you feel the emptiness every time you walk by their desk. You want to send over a big bowl of chicken noodle soup in hopes they'll feel better ASAP, because you can't take another day without them there.

You Know Everyone's Go-To Coffee Order
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

You spend so much time together that you know each other so well. In fact, you know everyone's coffee order, so that if anyone is too busy to run to the kitchen or Starbucks on the corner, you can pick them up their favorite.

Lunch Is Always Your Favorite Time Of The Day
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Lunch is a sacred time when you and your work friends get to escape for an hour to just talk and eat. You have your go-to spots you always frequent, and you count down the hours.

You Can't Wait To Celebrate Each Other's Birthdays
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When you're besties with your coworkers, office birthdays become bigger and better than ever. Not only do you get showered in love all day from your friends, but there's usually cake involved and someone will decorate your cube. You just love any excuse to have fun with your work BFFs, let's be honest.