3 Emotional Signs You Miss Your Partner, Because Being Heartsick Is No Joke

If you're in a relationship, you're probably used to seeing your partner a lot. You two may grab a quick bite to eat and coffee before class, meet up for lunch during your breaks, and study together at night or meet up for happy hour post-work. So when there are some days your schedules don't line up and you can't see each other, you naturally miss your partner. Your mood is probably affected. You feel a little lonely. If you're used to having someone to spend time with often, little spurts of loneliness without them makes sense.

I spoke to Nicole Richardson, LPC-S, LMFT, about the ways that missing your partner would manifest into your other emotions and daily life. This isn't specific toward couples that are fighting or long-distance, but couples that typically see each other often that for some reason, have a couple of days where you can't meet up. These emotions will likely subside when you see your partner once again. Read on to see what Richardson had to say about how your emotions may react when you're missing your partner a little bit in the wake of their temporary absence.

You're more sensitive.

If you're missing your partner a little bit, you may be feeling extra sensitive, says Richardson. Something your friend or family member says may hit the wrong nerve and you may lash out because you're not getting the usual support from seeing your partner.

You're less happy.

Richardson says that if you miss your partner, and haven't seen them for a couple of days (or whatever is abnormal for the two of you), you may enjoy things less that usually bring you happiness. For instance, if you stop by your favorite coffee shop or sit inside your book store to read, and you usually enjoy those activities, but they feel less fulfilling since your partner is MIA,

"Just like with any other part of our routine, if one thing is off or out of wack, is common for it to have a domino effect," Richardson tells Elite Daily. "Especially when it is something that is stabilizing or comforting."

You're confused.

Richardson comments that if you aren't seeing your partner like you usually do, your routine being shaken up can maybe even confuse you. If you normally sleep over your partner's place and haven't for a couple of nights, you may wake up a little disoriented.

"You may even wake up a couple of mornings and have no idea where you are for a few seconds after you open your eyes," she says. "When your partner is absent from things you have come to find routine, it can throw you off."

So the next time you and your partner go some time without seeing each other, be conscious of how your emotions may be affected by their absence. Try your best to not lash out on anyone, and I'm sure you'll be happily back with your partner soon enough.

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