If You Come From A Big Family, These 8 Things Are All Too Relatable

Coming from a big family truly makes you realize just how big the world is. You look around at all of your aunts, uncles, parents, cousins, and grandparents and register that your huge chunk of familiar faces is only a microscopic fraction of everyone else in the world. Nonetheless, when you come from a big family, you know so many things to be true.

Your family is the most dynamic thing ever. It can be a bit much to keep up with the various personalities, but since you're born into it, you're so used to it by now, and wouldn't trade these people for the world. Families come in all sizes and having a huge one comes with its own cycle of fun and headaches. You know, the key things that sum up the whole idea of family.

Your big family could fill up an entire room and still have cousins to spare. You wouldn't have it any other way, but having a big family comes with its own playbook. There's a method to the way you guys do things, and anyone with a large fam bam can agree. So, if your family could practically be its own football team, you've most definitely touched down into more than one of these predicaments.

Family Gatherings Can Be A Mission To Plan

The more people, the more difficult it is to ring everybody in to attend a family gathering. If you really want everyone to be there, planning way in advance is so essential. Everyone is on different schedules, and you might not all live in the same town or city. Also, not everyone can even get a word in because talking all at once is basically a family tradition.

You're Used To Combining Birthdays That Are Close Together

Two or three people celebrating a birthday at once, is nothing new to you. For starters, it's way easier than getting together for individual birthdays. Second, you get so much cake in one sitting, you're good on that kind of dessert for awhile.

You Often Lose Track Of New Additions

Your big family is constantly growing. It can be a bit challenging to keep track of the new additions and prepping for the ones that are still on their way. That's the beautiful thing about family, though — it's always evolving and expanding its roots. Your poor grandparents have probably stopped counting by now.

Reservations Have Saved You Multiple Times

It's a given that your large fam will need multiple tables. Going out to eat with your family is probably rare, but when you do, you thank goodness for places that take reservations. When you and your family are called, people are probably in awe because the entire lobby has cleared.

You Don't Really Realize How Big Your Family Is Until You're All Together

Writing down the word "a million" wouldn't seem too huge on the page, but if you were presented with that many people in front of you, you'd think otherwise. Your family doesn't seem as ginormous until you're surrounded by all of them. Even talking about the people in your family doesn't fully clue you in to how massive the fam bam really is.

"Move Your Feet, Lose Your Seat" Is All Too Real

Oh, family. First come, first served is a cardinal rule when your family is gigantic. There's usually just enough room for everyone to be semi-comfortable, but if you get up from your seat, don't be surprised if someone swoops in and claims your space.

ONE Family Story Can Be Told Numerous Ways

Have you ever noticed how one iconic family story has multiple variations to it, depending on who you're talking to? You'll never really know what actually happened, but the general idea is carried along like a family heirloom. Still, you can't help but wonder how in the heck the story got so jumbled in the first place.

Your Name Gets Mixed Up A LOT

You're not surprised when it takes your grandparents a couple of times to get your name just right. Can you blame them? They started their own village, and it has continued to grow since then. If you have a lot of siblings in your little segment of the larger group, you are so, so used to being called by your brother or sister's name.

While size doesn't matter, having a huge family can be so action-packed. You cherish your big bulk of lovely chaos.