11 Signs You Come From A Big Family

by Shannon Vize

To most people, “The Brady Bunch” is just a funny sitcom with a memorable theme song and hilarious 70s style.

But, to those of us who come from big families, it serves as a documentary of sorts about living with an above-average number of siblings. (Although, things weren't usually resolved with a quick joke from our maid (definitely couldn't afford one), or a family-friendly life lesson from Mom or Dad.)

For all the kids who have heard, “You have how many brothers and sisters?!” too many times to count, this article’s for you.

Here are some more telltale signs you come from a big family:

1. Allowance didn't exist for you, but you definitely had chores.

Allowance didn't even exist in your vocab growing up. You had chores you were expected to do — free of charge — and your parents made sure you never forgot them.

This is because just one person could never keep clean a house with as many kids as yours.

2. Inescapable hand-me-downs.

Any kid from a big family knows the cruel and unusual punishment known as, “hand-me-downs.”

When summer ended, all your friends got excited about back-to-school shopping, but to you, that just meant riffling through your older sibling’s discarded pile of previous year's trends.

3. Your inside voice is the same volume as your outside voice.

What is this “inside voice” you speak of? We only had one volume in my house growing up: loud AF.

How else could anyone hear what you were trying to say?

4. Your parents forgot you at least a few times.

At first, you figured they were just running late, but after watching the very last kid get picked up by his parents and the last adult in the nearby area left, it was safe to assume you had been forgotten.

Cue a very early existential crisis because if your parents couldn't even remember you existed after having birthed and raised you for years, who else ever will?

But in their defense, with all the sports practices, music lessons, club meetings, football, basketball and soccer games you and your siblings constantly had, it’s a miracle you ever ended up in the right place at the right time.

5. Your family owned at least one minivan or station wagon (or both).

How else would you guys travel anywhere? These were the only cars that could actually fit your whole family. But hey, those backward-facing seats were the coolest.

6. You despised Disney World vacation commercials because they were always for four-person families and you knew you'd never get to go.

Whoever thought up the idea that all family vacation packages to Disney World should be limited to four-person families was clearly out to get us.

Your family vacations growing up meant a trip to grandma’s house, as long as she lived close enough to drive to.

7. You thought everyone did their grocery shopping in bulk at Sam’s Club (and got to ride those crazy-dangerous silver shopping carts/pallets).

Thinking household items and fruit snacks only come in packages of 50 or more is definitely a surefire sign you come from a big family.

You probably remember the trips to Sam's Club fondly because those shopping carts were the best for riding around on.

Plus, they always had free samples.

8. When you find out someone you know is an only child, you immediately become suspicious of him or her.

Your initial reaction: What do you mean you were an “only” child?

It's normal to think this kind of lifestyle is strange because you could never imagine a life without all of your siblings.

You envision these “only children” playing in a silent house all alone with imaginary friends and shudder. But, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, they could be normal — right?

Or, maybe not.

9. Your parents call you by your siblings' names more often than your own.

I was the only girl in my family, but that never stopped my parents from calling me by my brothers' names.

Because honestly, after three kids, how can parents be expected to remember individual names?

You never minded much, and eventually, you got used to responding to any of your siblings names.

10. Every teacher you had compared you to the long list of your older siblings.

Your last name was highly recognizable to every teacher you ever had because he or she probably just finished teaching one of your siblings the year before.

You know, because comparing a kid to his or her sibling's academic performance is definitely encouraging and helpful.

11. “Eating out” meant you were having Subway, McDonald's or pizza for dinner.

Your family didn't do restaurant meals. If dinner wasn't penciled in on the fridge calendar, it meant fast food or fend for yourself.

My personal favorite was when my mom would just write, “forage,” on the daily dinner announcement instead.

If you can identify with some of the items on this list, you definitely grew up with one too many siblings. But hey, the more the merrier, right?

You wouldn't be who you are today if your siblings weren't there to remind you every day how uncool you were along the way.