When You Become BFFs With Your SO's Sister, These 8 Things Are All Too Relatable

You're so in love with your SO — but that moment when you found out they have a sister and she's totally BFF material? That's when you hit the jackpot. Getting along with your SO's sister is one thing, but claiming her as one of your besties is ultimately the package deal. You might not notice at first when you become best friends with your partner's sister because she's so down to earth, and you didn't expect her friendship to be borderline out of this world.

Not only are you able to build and strengthen your relationship with bae, but you get to gain a new BFF in the process. You're winning on so many levels. It doesn't get any better than that, and you can put aside those jitters of making a good impression with the fam bam. When your SO's sister is your best friend, she always has your back when it comes to speaking highly of you to the rest of the family.

Even if things didn't work out between you and your SO, you know that she would still be one of your good friends. As rare and awesome as it may be, you aren't the only one who has formed a tight bond with your SO's sis. It happens, and you can so relate to the realness of this new-found friendship on so many levels.

You Feel Like You Are Truly Part Of The Family

Your new BFF welcomed you in with open arms — and even though the intention was to be cordial to your partner's sibling, it flourished into so much more. She plays the gatekeeper to who's worthy in a sense — and you're glad you passed the test. You really feel included in the family, and it's all thanks to her.

You Learn A Lot About Your SO

Siblings are the portal to a side of your SO that you might not have experienced quite yet. Even without asking, your SO's sis dishes out all of the details, because she confides in you and she knows that understanding your bae on all ends will ultimately make you guys so much stronger. She's rooting for the relationship.

You Stop Introducing Her As Your SO's Sister

At first, you may have got into the habit of telling your other friends that the girl by your side was your SO's sis. Now, it's not really the first strand of info you use to introduce her. She's your BFF first and foremost when people are curious about how you know each other.

You're Excited AF About Your SO's Family Events

Your new bestie has been so overwhelmingly inclusive that you no longer feel like an outsider when you and bae have to make an appearance at family events. You immediately scan the room for her, and it's always a relief once you spot her. You don't even mind how much she introduces you more than your SO does.

You Hang Out Without Your SO All Of The Time

Yeah, you two may have met each other because of your boo, but you don't wait on them to arrange hangouts. With or without bae, you are never against hanging out with your new bestie. Your SO has likely caught you two lounging on your couch talking when they got home from work.

You Could Totally See Her As Your Sister-In-Law

You aren't trying to jinx anything, but you can already see your bestie as your future sister-in-law. You already treat each other like family, and if you could legally be related, that would be amazing. Marriage might not be in the cards yet, but her as your sister-in-law must be written in the stars somewhere or something.

Your Parents Almost Know More About Her Than Your SO

Oops! Did you forget to mention that your self-proclaimed, greatest BFF of all time stems from the relationship you're in? It might have been hard to remember while you were detailing all of the astounding elements of your friendship. You're beyond grateful for the way she entered your life, though.

She's Invited To Every Outing You And Your SO Have At Your Place

Because of you, your SO is going to be seeing a lot more of their sister if the occasion allows for it. Game nights, holidays parties, and movie nights are all fair game for her to be there, because it'd honestly be incomplete without your bestie. Your SO is no longer only seeing their sister at the normal annual holiday times.

You can count yourself as lucky as hell if you can call your partner's sister your BFF. She may have entered your life because of bae, but she's staying for so many other reasons.